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  • Overall Performance:77% (44 eligible teams)
  • Player Since:2004
  • Teams Managed:51
  • Played Most:Football

Trophy Case

  • 2012 - ChampionCollege Bowl Pick'em

    Canadian FansSpeedo
  • 2010 - Third PlaceFootball

    Yahoo Public 688127Speedo
  • 2007 - Third PlaceHockey

    Yahoo Public 82116Emmada
  • 2007 - Second PlaceFootball

    Yahoo Public 89318Emmada
  • 2007 - ChampionBaseball

    Yahoo Public 208532Emmada
  • 2006 - Third PlaceHockey

    Yahoo Public 63567Emmada
  • 2006 - Third PlaceFootball

    Yahoo Public 168655emmada
  • 2005 - ChampionFootball

    Yahoo Public 67898Emmada
  • 2005 - ChampionBaseball

    Yahoo Public 125730emmada
  • 2004 - Third PlaceBasketball

    Yahoo Public 181265Emmada
  • 2004 - Second PlaceFootball

    Yahoo Public 155992Emmada
11 Trophies

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GameYearRankTeamLeagueCommissionerPrivate League
College Bowl Pick'em201380%SpeedoOverall LeadersNoNo
College Bowl Pick'em201326 of 52SpeedoCanadian FansNoYes
Tournament Pick'em201390%SpeedoOverall LeadersNoNo
College Bowl Pick'em20121 of 62SpeedoCanadian FansNoYes
College Bowl Pick'em201298%SpeedoOverall LeadersNoNo
College Football Pick'em201282%SpeedoOverallNoNo
Football20124 of 10SpeedoYahoo Public 863180NoNo
Pro Football Pick'em201298%SpeedoOverallNoNo
Survival Football2012deadSpeedoYahoo Public 25691NoYes
Tournament Pick'em201275%Maxidan's BracketOverall LeadersNoNo
College Bowl Pick'em201110 of 46Le FrenchmanCanadian FansNoYes
College Bowl Pick'em201187%Le FrenchmanOverall LeadersNoNo
College Football Pick'em201180%Speedo ManOverallNoNo
Football20114 of 10Speedo SwimsuitYahoo Public 754591NoNo
Pro Football Pick'em201194%SpeedoOverallNoNo
Survival Football2011deadSpeedo ManYahoo Public 17486NoYes
College Football Pick'em201086%SpeedoOverallNoNo
Football20103 of 10SpeedoYahoo Public 688127NoNo
Pro Football Pick'em201098%SpeedoOverallNoNo
Survival Football2010deadSpeedoYahoo Public 19483NoYes
Football20097 of 10MaxidanYahoo Public 200049NoNo
Survival Football2009deadMaxidanYahoo Public 8903NoYes
Survival Football2009deademmadaT2V SurvivorsNoYes
College Football Pick'em200880%MaxidanOverallNoNo
Football20084 of 10EmmadaYahoo Public 409071NoNo
Pro Football Pick'em200882%MaxidanOverallNoNo
Survival Football2008deadMaxidanYahoo Public 4268NoYes
Auto Racing200767%EmmadaOverallNoNo
Baseball20071 of 12EmmadaYahoo Public 208532NoNo
College Football Pick'em200796%EmmadaOverallNoNo
Football20072 of 10EmmadaYahoo Public 89318NoNo
Hockey20073 of 12EmmadaYahoo Public 82116NoNo
Pro Football Pick'em200783%EmmadaOverallNoNo
Salary Cap Football200741%EmmadaOverallNoNo
Survival Football2007deadEmmadaYahoo Public 18553NoYes
Tournament Pick'em200727%EmmadaOverall LeadersNoNo
College Football Pick'em200687%emmadaOverallNoNo
Football20063 of 10emmadaYahoo Public 168655NoNo
Hockey20063 of 12EmmadaYahoo Public 63567NoNo
Pro Football Pick'em200692%emmadaOverallNoNo
Auto Racing200547%emmadaOverallNoNo
Baseball20051 of 12emmadaYahoo Public 125730NoNo
Football20051 of 10EmmadaYahoo Public 67898NoNo
Golf2005246 of 622emmadaFans of Todd HamiltonNoYes
Hockey20057 of 12EmmadaYahoo Public 47228NoNo
Tournament Pick'em200592%emmadaOverallNoNo
Auto Racing200472%emmadaOverallNoNo
Baseball20045 of 12EmmadaYahoo Public 129330NoNo
Basketball20043 of 12EmmadaYahoo Public 181265NoNo
Football20042 of 10EmmadaYahoo Public 155992NoNo
  • * In Progress
  • Commissioner
  • Private League
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