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  • Overall Performance:61% (88 eligible teams)
  • Player Since:2004
  • Teams Managed:91
  • Played Most:Tournament Pick'em

Trophy Case

  • 2013 - ChampionBasketball

    Yahoo Public 61126Carl's Champion Team
  • 2013 - ChampionBasketball

    Yahoo Public 96471Carl's Swag Team
  • 2013 - ChampionSurvival Football

    League HiddenTeam Hidden
  • 2013 - Third PlaceFootball

    Yahoo Public 828654Carl's Tip-Top Team
  • 2013 - Second PlaceBaseball

    Yahoo Public 78265Squeeze Bunt
  • 2012 - Third PlaceBaseball

    Yahoo Public 93516Rookie
  • 2011 - ChampionBaseball

    Yahoo Public 154991Rookie
  • 2010 - Second PlaceTournament Pick'em

    League HiddenTeam Hidden
8 Trophies

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GameYearRankTeamLeagueCommissionerPrivate League
Baseball20143 of 12 *Carl's Choice TeamYahoo Public 4374NoNo
Baseball20149 of 12 *Lithia RaysYahoo Public 5429NoNo
Football20144 of 10 *Carl's Majestic TeamYahoo Public 8465NoNo
Football20145 of 10 *Hammer TimeYahoo Public 739920NoNo
Football201410 of 10 *Over The HillYahoo Public 945257NoNo
Football20149 of 10 *Delay of GameYahoo Public 737772NoNo
Golf2014236 of 2654HiddenHiddenNoYes
Tourney Pick'em201484%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Tourney Pick'em201412%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Tourney Pick'em201415 of 97HiddenHiddenNoYes
Tourney Pick'em201411%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Tourney Pick'em201456 of 97HiddenHiddenNoYes
Tourney Pick'em201449%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Baseball20132 of 12Squeeze BuntYahoo Public 78265NoNo
Basketball20131 of 12Carl's Swag TeamYahoo Public 96471NoNo
Basketball20131 of 12Carl's Champion TeamYahoo Public 61126NoNo
College Bowl Pick'em201380%HiddenHiddenNoNo
College Bowl Pick'em2013255 of 500HiddenHiddenNoYes
College Bowl Pick'em2013207 of 500HiddenHiddenNoYes
College Bowl Pick'em201374%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Football20136 of 10Preston's BulldogsYahoo Public 216849NoNo
Football20139 of 10FIRST & TENYahoo Public 74144NoNo
Football20133 of 10Carl's Tip-Top TeamYahoo Public 828654NoNo
Golf20131510 of 4171HiddenHiddenNoYes
Pro Football Pick'em201386%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em201319 of 500HiddenHiddenNoYes
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em201393%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Survival Football20131 of 50HiddenHiddenNoYes
Tournament Pick'em201327 of 78HiddenHiddenNoYes
Tournament Pick'em201393%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201397%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201387%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Women's Tournament Pick'em201338%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Baseball20123 of 12RookieYahoo Public 93516NoNo
Basketball20124 of 12Double DibbleYahoo Public 16453NoNo
Basketball20124 of 12Above The RimYahoo Public 16793NoNo
College Bowl Pick'em201266%HiddenHiddenNoNo
College Bowl Pick'em2012309 of 500HiddenHiddenNoYes
College Bowl Pick'em201278%HiddenHiddenNoNo
College Bowl Pick'em2012222 of 500HiddenHiddenNoYes
Football201210 of 10Super DuperYahoo Public 683680NoNo
Football20128 of 10First & GoalYahoo Public 95338NoNo
Golf2012150 of 6055HiddenHiddenNoYes
Survival Football2012deadHiddenHiddenNoYes
Tournament Pick'em201266%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201270 of 72HiddenHiddenNoYes
Tournament Pick'em201213%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201292%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Tournament Pick'em20127 of 72HiddenHiddenNoYes
Tournament Pick'em201273%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201226 of 39HiddenHiddenNoYes
Tournament Pick'em201236%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Baseball20111 of 12RookieYahoo Public 154991NoNo
Baseball20116 of 12Double PlayYahoo Public 57363NoNo
Basketball20115 of 12Fast BreakYahoo Public 87325NoNo
College Bowl Pick'em201185%HiddenHiddenNoNo
College Bowl Pick'em2011160 of 500HiddenHiddenNoYes
College Bowl Pick'em201190%HiddenHiddenNoNo
College Bowl Pick'em201198 of 500HiddenHiddenNoYes
Football20114 of 10Super DuperYahoo Public 362822NoNo
Golf20111882 of 6328HiddenHiddenNoYes
Survival Football2011deadHiddenHiddenNoYes
Tournament Pick'em201182%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201184%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201111 of 33HiddenHiddenNoYes
Tournament Pick'em201117 of 87HiddenHiddenNoYes
Baseball20106 of 10HiddenHiddenNoYes
College Bowl Pick'em20109%HiddenHiddenNoNo
College Bowl Pick'em2010457 of 500HiddenHiddenNoYes
College Bowl Pick'em201099%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Pro Football Pick'em2010N/AHiddenHiddenNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201036 of 80HiddenHiddenNoYes
Tournament Pick'em201058%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201024%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201064 of 80HiddenHiddenNoYes
Tournament Pick'em20102 of 33HiddenHiddenNoYes
Tournament Pick'em201094%HiddenHiddenNoNo
College Bowl Pick'em200873%HiddenHiddenNoNo
College Bowl Pick'em200883 of 500HiddenHiddenNoYes
Tournament Pick'em200770%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Tournament Pick'em200646%HiddenHiddenNoNo
College Football Pick'em200514%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Survival Football2005deadHiddenHiddenNoYes
Tournament Pick'em200535%HiddenHiddenNoNo
College Football Pick'em200417%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Pro Football Pick'em200421%HiddenHiddenNoNo
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  • Commissioner
  • Private League
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