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  • Overall Performance:74% (93 eligible teams)
  • Player Since:2008
  • Teams Managed:93
  • League Commish:14% (13 of 93 leagues)
  • Played Most:Baseball

Trophy Case

  • 2014 - ChampionBaseball

    keepa leagueFree Trout
  • 2013 - Second PlaceFootball

    Herman's Keeper League 2013JHerm's Bitch
  • 2012 - Second PlaceFootball

    Takin' that Edge off IIIVenti Americano
  • 2012 - Second PlaceFootball

    Herman's Keeper League 2012JHerm's Bitch
  • 2012 - ChampionBaseball

    Yahoo Public 125465I needa new teamname
  • 2012 - ChampionBaseball

    Yahoo Public 144817The Last Place Team
  • 2012 - ChampionBaseball

    Yahoo Public 161234Judge Reimold
  • 2012 - ChampionBaseball

    Yahoo Public 138894LOST IslandForCheats
  • 2012 - ChampionBaseball

    Yahoo Public 141849Tossed Salas
  • 2012 - ChampionBaseball

    Yahoo Public 145175Georgia Beachy
  • 2012 - ChampionBaseball

    Yahoo Public 111067Parmigiano Ruggiano
  • 2012 - ChampionBaseball

    Yahoo Public 84601Mets in 2047
  • 2012 - ChampionBaseball

    Yahoo Public 139343Zimm'sWonkyShoulder
  • 2012 - ChampionBaseball

    keepa leagueFree Trout
  • 2012 - ChampionBaseball

    Yahoo Public 117420Heavy CarGo
  • 2012 - Second PlaceBaseball

    Yahoo Public 18692Everybody Hurts
  • 2012 - Second PlaceBaseball

    Yahoo Public 134319Gentle Stream
  • 2012 - Second PlaceBaseball

    Yahoo Public 119876Cool WHIP
  • 2012 - Second PlaceBaseball

    Yahoo Public 162719This Team is OLD
  • 2012 - Second PlaceBaseball

    Yahoo Public 116528War is Coming
  • 2012 - Third PlaceBaseball

    Yahoo Public 147482Gyro with Moustakas
  • 2012 - Third PlaceBaseball

    Kennyshattered keeper
  • 2012 - Third PlaceBaseball

    Yahoo Public 76708Bullpen Nightmares
  • 2011 - ChampionFootball

    MTTc250 2QBGlassCase of Emotion
  • 2011 - Second PlaceFootball

    Herman's Keeper League 2011The Shadynasty
  • 2011 - Second PlaceFootball

    MTTc 250$ PPR League #1sexy rexy
  • 2011 - Third PlaceFootball

    MTTc 500$ PPR Leaguereverse the curse
  • 2011 - Third PlaceFootball

    blowjobJohnny's Bananas
  • 2011 - Second PlaceBaseball

    MTTc 1Kstrami sundays
  • 2011 - Second PlaceBaseball

  • 2010 - ChampionBasketball

    African Roundball 4pull the robbery
  • 2010 - Second PlaceBasketball

    2p2 $100 RotoMarcin the Martian
  • 2010 - ChampionFootball

    DC '10 ($100)J-E-T-S
  • 2010 - Third PlaceFootball

    MSNLreverse the curse
  • 2010 - Third PlaceFootball

    Takin' that edge offTodd Haley's Visor
  • 2010 - ChampionBaseball

    Lord of the Rings ($500)power outage
  • 2010 - ChampionBaseball

    The Dark Knight ($300)hisname is dan uggla
  • 2010 - ChampionBaseball

    Watchmen ($1000)david wrights biceps
  • 2010 - ChampionBaseball

    Blade Runner ($200)omar minaya =(
  • 2010 - Third PlaceBaseball

    keepa leagueEmpire Szechuan
  • 2009 - ChampionBasketball

    African Roundball 3new york grangers
  • 2009 - Second PlaceBasketball

    2p2 Balla League ($1K)Marreeses Pieces
  • 2009 - ChampionFootball

    DC '09 ($300)GANG GREEN
  • 2009 - ChampionFootball PLUS

    MSNLreverse the curse
  • 2009 - Third PlaceFootball

    Herman's Leaugepercy balls
  • 2009 - Third PlaceFootball PLUS

    MTTC $500 League 2deangelo barksdale
  • 2009 - ChampionBaseball

    Shawshank Redemption ($300)fast willie harris
  • 2009 - ChampionBaseball PLUS

    The Godfather ($1k)i love roto chicken
  • 2009 - Second PlaceBaseball

    Pulp Fiction ($500)SAY WHAT AGAIN
  • 2009 - Third PlaceBaseball

    KennyJV squad
  • 2008 - Second PlaceBasketball

    2p2 Semi-Balla League ($500)im john salmons
  • 2008 - Third PlaceBasketball

    MSNL Basketball $500mark blount blazers
  • 2008 - ChampionFootball PLUS

    MSNL Season 3reverse the curse
  • 2008 - Second PlaceFootball PLUS

    MSNL Five Hundo LeagueJ-E-T-S
  • 2008 - Third PlaceFootball

    DC Fantasy Football 08jerrichoooooooo
  • 2008 - Third PlaceFootball

    World Fantasy Football Leaguejerrichos crotchery
  • 2008 - ChampionBaseball

    No Country for Old Men ($500)shlumpin
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GameYearRankTeamLeagueCommissionerPrivate League
Baseball20141 of 12Free Troutkeepa leagueNoYes
Baseball20149 of 11I Quit!KennyNoYes
Football201411 of 12 *The ShadynastyHerman's Keeper League 2013NoYes
Football20148 of 12 *No Pee Here.PLO8 for lifeNoYes
Football201410 of 12 *Bird LawTakin' that Edge off VYesYes
Baseball20134 of 10Free Troutkeepa leagueNoYes
Baseball20134 of 11comin for that#1pickKennyNoYes
Football20132 of 12JHerm's BitchHerman's Keeper League 2013NoYes
Football20134 of 12Bird LawTakin' that Edge off IVYesYes
Football20138 of 12Josh's Teambodog ballersNoYes
Baseball20122 of 12Everybody HurtsYahoo Public 18692NoNo
Baseball20122 of 12War is ComingYahoo Public 116528NoNo
Baseball20124 of 12Sat Morning CartoonsYahoo Public 88266NoNo
Baseball20121 of 12Mets in 2047Yahoo Public 84601NoNo
Baseball20121 of 12Zimm'sWonkyShoulderYahoo Public 139343NoNo
Baseball20121 of 12Heavy CarGoYahoo Public 117420NoNo
Baseball20122 of 12Gentle StreamYahoo Public 134319NoNo
Baseball20121 of 12Parmigiano RuggianoYahoo Public 111067NoNo
Baseball20121 of 12Georgia BeachyYahoo Public 145175NoNo
Baseball20121 of 10Free Troutkeepa leagueNoYes
Baseball20126 of 12PunchlessYahoo Public 121009NoNo
Baseball20121 of 12I needa new teamnameYahoo Public 125465NoNo
Baseball20123 of 11shattered keeperKennyNoYes
Baseball20122 of 12Cool WHIPYahoo Public 119876NoNo
Baseball20123 of 12Bullpen NightmaresYahoo Public 76708NoNo
Baseball20123 of 12Gyro with MoustakasYahoo Public 147482NoNo
Baseball20121 of 12Judge ReimoldYahoo Public 161234NoNo
Baseball20121 of 12LOST IslandForCheatsYahoo Public 138894NoNo
Baseball20121 of 12The Last Place TeamYahoo Public 144817NoNo
Baseball20122 of 12This Team is OLDYahoo Public 162719NoNo
Baseball20121 of 12Tossed SalasYahoo Public 141849NoNo
Football201210 of 10The Nightman ComethYahoo Public 697710NoNo
Football20126 of 12My BironasMTTc 150$ ppr league #1NoYes
Football20128 of 14Hangin w RileyCooperbodog ballersNoYes
Football20128 of 10Big ol' Titus2p2 $250 MTTC LeagueNoYes
Football20129 of 12shake and bakeMTTC $500 AuctionNoYes
Football20122 of 12Venti AmericanoTakin' that Edge off IIIYesYes
Football20122 of 12JHerm's BitchHerman's Keeper League 2012NoYes
Football201212 of 12reverse the curseMTTC $500 Auction QB FlexNoYes
Baseball20116 of 14Oh no!we suck again!MTTc 500$ LeagueNoYes
Baseball20112 of 12strami sundaysMTTc 1KNoYes
Baseball20114 of 10Empire Szechuan IIkeepa leagueNoYes
Baseball20112 of 11re-failKennyNoYes
Football20113 of 12Johnny's BananasblowjobNoYes
Football20112 of 12sexy rexyMTTc 250$ PPR League #1NoYes
Football20115 of 12TebowndoginDeucesCracked (50)NoYes
Football20111 of 12GlassCase of EmotionMTTc250 2QBNoYes
Football20112 of 12The ShadynastyHerman's Keeper League 2011NoYes
Football20114 of 12Blacks & Decker2+2 $150 PPR FootballNoYes
Football20113 of 12reverse the curseMTTc 500$ PPR LeagueNoYes
Football20119 of 12Plax's CellmateTakin' that Edge off IIYesYes
Baseball20104 of 12sunken flotillaThe Matrix ($150)NoYes
Baseball20101 of 12omar minaya =(Blade Runner ($200)NoYes
Baseball20101 of 12david wrights bicepsWatchmen ($1000)NoYes
Baseball20103 of 10Empire Szechuankeepa leagueNoYes
Baseball20101 of 12hisname is dan ugglaThe Dark Knight ($300)NoYes
Baseball20101 of 12power outageLord of the Rings ($500)NoYes
Basketball20101 of 10pull the robberyAfrican Roundball 4NoYes
Basketball20102 of 12Marcin the Martian2p2 $100 RotoNoYes
Basketball20105 of 11FREE SNOOKI2p2 Mini League ($500 Auction)NoYes
Football20103 of 12Todd Haley's VisorTakin' that edge offYesYes
Football20108 of 12RIP GOREDC '10 ($300)YesYes
Football20101 of 12J-E-T-SDC '10 ($100)YesYes
Football20103 of 12reverse the curseMSNLNoYes
Football20106 of 12Johnny's BananasblowjobNoYes
Baseball20091 of 12fast willie harrisShawshank Redemption ($300)NoYes
Baseball20092 of 12SAY WHAT AGAINPulp Fiction ($500)NoYes
Baseball20093 of 11JV squadKennyNoYes
Baseball20098 of 10j.bowden's wet dreamSSNL League 2009NoYes
Baseball PLUS20091 of 12i love roto chickenThe Godfather ($1k)NoYes
Basketball20099 of 16mark blount blazers2p2 Semi-Balla League ($500)NoYes
Basketball20092 of 15Marreeses Pieces2p2 Balla League ($1K)NoYes
Basketball20091 of 10new york grangersAfrican Roundball 3NoYes
Basketball20097 of 13Granny DangerA Random 300 BBall LeagueYesYes
Football20093 of 12percy ballsHerman's LeaugeNoYes
Football20094 of 12johnson&johnsonblowjobNoYes
Football20091 of 12GANG GREENDC '09 ($300)YesYes
Football20096 of 12J-E-T-SDC '09 ($100)YesYes
Football PLUS20091 of 12reverse the curseMSNLNoYes
Football PLUS20093 of 12deangelo barksdaleMTTC $500 League 2NoYes
Baseball200810 of 12heart johanChip Reese ($100)NoYes
Baseball20086 of 11team israelKennyNoYes
Baseball20088 of 13done jinxin reyesRounders (1K)NoYes
Baseball20081 of 12shlumpinNo Country for Old Men ($500)NoYes
Basketball20084 of 12BOOOOOOZ2p2 $100 RotoNoYes
Basketball20083 of 14mark blount blazersMSNL Basketball $500YesYes
Basketball20082 of 10im john salmons2p2 Semi-Balla League ($500)YesYes
Basketball20087 of 10DEVIN=allthat is manAfrican Roundball 2NoYes
Football20083 of 12jerrichos crotcheryWorld Fantasy Football LeagueNoYes
Football20088 of 10LT for free99?shit i gotta goNoYes
Football20083 of 10jerrichooooooooDC Fantasy Football 08YesYes
Football PLUS20081 of 12reverse the curseMSNL Season 3NoYes
Football PLUS20082 of 12J-E-T-SMSNL Five Hundo LeagueNoYes
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  • Private League
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