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  • Overall Performance:56% (183 eligible teams)
  • Player Since:2008
  • Teams Managed:189
  • League Commish:2% (4 of 189 leagues)
  • Played Most:Football

Trophy Case

  • 2013 - ChampionBasketball

    BStine Starting - 5sBIG DADDY
  • 2013 - ChampionBasketball

  • 2013 - ChampionBasketball

    B-Ball AllstarsBIG AL
  • 2013 - Second PlaceBasketball

    Call'n all Ballers_3Beer Man
  • 2013 - Second PlaceBasketball

  • 2013 - ChampionHockey

    bigbear hockeyBIG AL
  • 2013 - Second PlaceHockey

    Bruisers LeagueBeer Man
  • 2013 - Third PlaceHockey

  • 2013 - Third PlaceHockey

    H2H Lunch LeaguePimp Daddy
  • 2013 - ChampionFootball

    That Metal ShowOZZY
  • 2013 - Second PlaceFootball

    WIs CheeseheadsWestBy - CHIEFS
  • 2013 - Third PlaceFootball

    Eternal Dynasty LeagueBeer Man
  • 2013 - Third PlaceAuto Racing

    Kansas Speedway CrewBIG AL
  • 2012 - Second PlaceHockey

    hat trickBIG AL
  • 2012 - Third PlaceHockey

    Senior Boomer HockeyPimp Daddy
  • 2012 - ChampionBasketball

    NBA All Stars69ers
  • 2013 - Third PlaceTournament Pick'em

    Random NCAA Bracket GroupBALDY
  • 2012 - ChampionFootball

    football nutsCROWN MAN
  • 2012 - ChampionFootball

    Purple Magic 2012CHIEFS
  • 2012 - Second PlaceFootball

    football 101BIG DADDY
  • 2012 - Third PlaceFootball

    ****4TH DOWN and GOAL 2012****BIG AL
  • 2012 - Third PlaceFootball

    Can't touch usBALDY
  • 2012 - Second PlaceAuto Racing

    Kansas Speedway CrewBALDY
  • 2012 - Segment Winner - PlayoffsAuto Racing

    Kansas Speedway CrewBALDY
  • 2012 - ChampionBaseball

    battle of the bigsMR BASEBALL
  • 2012 - ChampionBaseball

    Hitters ParadiseKC
  • 2012 - Third PlaceBaseball

    RoyalsPimp Daddy
  • 2011 - ChampionBasketball

    nbaTRUE GRIT
  • 2011 - Second PlaceBasketball

    Mega Points 2012Pimp Daddy
  • 2011 - Third PlaceBasketball

    Bob's Ball BouncersBeer Man
  • 2011 - ChampionHockey

    Blades of SteelPimp Daddy
  • 2011 - Third PlaceHockey

    Old Time HockeySTIX'S
  • 2011 - ChampionFootball

    older fartsBIG AL
  • 2011 - Second PlaceFootball

    Play Option69ers
  • 2011 - Third PlaceFootball

    ArrowheadsBEER & CROWN
  • 2011 - ChampionAuto Racing

    Kansas Speedway CrewBALDY
  • 2011 - Segment Winner - SpringAuto Racing

    Kansas Speedway CrewBALDY
  • 2011 - Second PlaceBaseball

    Ignition Jr HighBIG AL
  • 2011 - Third PlaceBaseball

    The Beantown DynastyPimp Daddy
  • 2010 - Second PlaceBasketball

    NBA All Stars69ers
  • 2010 - Second PlaceBasketball

    i can feel the heatBeer Man
  • 2010 - Third PlaceFootball

    ArrowheadsBEER & CROWN
  • 2010 - Third PlaceFootball

    Nacho CheeseBALDY
  • 2010 - Third PlaceAuto Racing

    Kansas Speedway Crewbusch brothers
  • 2010 - Segment Winner - FallAuto Racing

    Kansas Speedway Crewbusch brothers
  • 2010 - Third PlaceBaseball

    KC Crewpimp Daddy
  • 2008 - Third PlaceBasketball

    Tha Paper Pusha'spimp Daddy
  • 2008 - Third PlaceFootball

    Arrow Headspimp Daddy
  • 2008 - Third PlaceBaseball

    Roid Ragepimp Daddy
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GameYearRankTeamLeagueCommissionerPrivate League
Auto Racing20144 of 8 *WHISKY RUNNERKansas Speedway CrewNoYes
Auto Racing201447% *WHISKY RUNNEROverallNoNo
Auto Racing201444 of 47 *WHISKY RUNNERHendricks is #1NoYes
Baseball20145 of 6 *BALDYNorthsidersNoYes
Baseball20141 of 10 *BIG DADDYSWING FOR THE FENCES!!!NoYes
Baseball20147 of 10 *STRUTTERKISS ArmyNoYes
Baseball20145 of 8 *Pimp DaddyMidwest MilitiaNoYes
Baseball201412 of 12 *BUSCH MANRoyalsNoYes
Baseball201410 of 10 *BIG ALMusic CitiesNoYes
Baseball201410 of 10 *Beer ManBaseball in the DNoYes
Baseball20146 of 12 *69ersThey Can't Play The Game IIINoYes
Football20148 of 10 *BIG ALParty CrewNoYes
Football20142 of 8 *BALDYRealisticNoYes
Football20141 of 10 *CROWN MANCalifornia Buccaneers FansNoYes
Auto Racing201387%BIG ALOverallNoNo
Auto Racing201325 of 49BIG ALHendricks is # 1NoYes
Auto Racing20133 of 8BIG ALKansas Speedway CrewNoYes
Baseball20136 of 10Beer ManBaseball in the DNoYes
Baseball20135 of 8TRUE GRITcubs-chi-townNoYes
Baseball20136 of 8BALDYOld Skool LEGENDSNoYes
Baseball20136 of 12Beer ManCalifornia Penal LeagueNoYes
Baseball20138 of 10BIG ALMusic CitiesNoYes
Baseball20136 of 10MR BASEBALLFight Club 2013NoYes
Baseball201312 of 12MR KCYahoo Public 80884NoNo
Baseball201312 of 12Pimp DaddyRoyalsNoYes
Basketball201310 of 10Pimp DaddyNo Can Do Play BBALLNoYes
Basketball20132 of 8HoopsBasketballNoYes
Basketball20131 of 6BIG ALB-Ball AllstarsNoYes
Basketball20131 of 6BIG DADDYBStine Starting - 5sNoYes
Basketball20131 of 12THE RED EYE'SNBA GOTHAM JOKERSNoYes
Basketball20132 of 10Beer ManCall'n all Ballers_3NoYes
Basketball20136 of 1269ersNBA 101NoYes
College Bowl Pick'em201380%BIG ALOverall LeadersNoNo
College Bowl Pick'em20131 of 4BIG ALpbaYesYes
College Football Pick'em201376%Pimp DaddyOverallNoNo
Football20131 of 10OZZYThat Metal ShowNoYes
Football20132 of 8WestBy - CHIEFSWIs CheeseheadsNoYes
Football20134 of 10BIG ALParty CrewNoYes
Football20138 of 10CROWN MANCalifornia Buccaneers FansNoYes
Football20133 of 8Beer ManEternal Dynasty LeagueNoYes
Football20135 of 8BALDYRealisticNoYes
Football20136 of 10BIG DADDYPlay hard or go homeNoYes
Football20136 of 8OLD MAN (pimp daddy)ArrowheadsNoYes
Golf201379%BIG ALOverallNoNo
Golf201350 of 272BIG ALFans of Camilo VillegasNoYes
Golf2013144 of 1009BIG ALFans of Rickie FowlerNoYes
Hockey201310 of 12BLADES OF STEELMilitary OnlyNoYes
Hockey20131 of 6BIG ALbigbear hockeyNoYes
Hockey20132 of 10Beer ManBruisers LeagueNoYes
Hockey20137 of 8STIX'SphotofileNoYes
Hockey20133 of 669ersTAZZIE LEGENDSNoYes
Hockey20134 of 7BIG DADDYNWO (Non-Whiners Only)NoYes
Hockey20133 of 12Pimp DaddyH2H Lunch LeagueNoYes
Hockey20136 of 8BALDYMetrix HockeyNoYes
Pro Football Pick'em201392%BIG ALOverallNoNo
Tournament Pick'em2013244 of 500BIG ALBig Red NationNoYes
Tournament Pick'em201346%BIG ALOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201391%BALDYOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em20133 of 12BALDYRandom NCAA Bracket GroupNoYes
Women's Tournament Pick'em20134 of 11Beer ManMike's Mind-Blowing GroupNoYes
Women's Tournament Pick'em201379%Beer ManOverall LeadersNoNo
Auto Racing201289%BALDYOverallNoNo
Auto Racing201225 of 49BALDYHendricks is #1NoYes
Auto Racing20122 of 9BALDYKansas Speedway CrewNoYes
Baseball20124 of 12Beer ManBaseball in the DNoYes
Baseball20121 of 12KCHitters ParadiseNoYes
Baseball20123 of 12Pimp DaddyRoyalsNoYes
Baseball20121 of 10MR BASEBALLbattle of the bigsNoYes
Baseball20127 of 1069ersFan League 2012NoYes
Baseball20126 of 8TRUE GRITcubs-chi-townNoYes
Basketball201210 of 10BIG DADDYBStine Starting - 5sNoYes
Basketball20128 of 10BALDYBasketball AddictNoYes
Basketball20125 of 10BIG ALB-Ball AllstarsNoYes
Basketball20128 of 12Pimp DaddyNo Can Do Play BBALLNoYes
Basketball20121 of 669ersNBA All StarsNoYes
College Bowl Pick'em20121 of 3BIG ALpbaYesYes
College Bowl Pick'em201267%BIG ALOverall LeadersNoNo
College Bowl Pick'em201291%BIG ALOverall LeadersNoNo
College Bowl Pick'em201222 of 28GO BIG REDThe BCS is BS!NoYes
College Bowl Pick'em201211%20 dollars to enterOverall LeadersNoNo
College Bowl Pick'em201241%GO BIG REDOverall LeadersNoNo
College Bowl Pick'em20127 of 8BIG ALElmira ExpressNoYes
College Football Pick'em20121 of 1BIG ALP.B.AYesYes
Football20123 of 8BIG AL****4TH DOWN and GOAL 2012****NoYes
Football20122 of 10BIG DADDYfootball 101NoYes
Football20121 of 8CROWN MANfootball nutsNoYes
Football20125 of 12BALDYI'd hit itNoYes
Football20123 of 6BALDYCan't touch usNoYes
Football20121 of 6CHIEFSPurple Magic 2012NoYes
Football20125 of 8OLD MAN (pimp daddy)ArrowheadsNoYes
Football20128 of 869ersOff the BenchNoYes
Golf201275%BIG ALOverallNoNo
Golf20121296 of 6055BIG ALFans of Tiger WoodsNoYes
Hockey20128 of 8KISSRock N Roll PucksNoYes
Hockey20126 of 1069ersGR2NoYes
Hockey20123 of 6Pimp DaddySenior Boomer HockeyNoYes
Hockey20128 of 8Beer ManNo HasslesNoYes
Hockey20122 of 8BIG ALhat trickNoYes
Hockey20128 of 10BALDYLocomotionNoYes
Hockey20126 of 10PUCK OFFHockeyNoYes
Hockey20129 of 10STIX'SphotofileNoYes
Pro Football Pick'em20121 of 1BIG ALP.B.AYesYes
Tournament Pick'em2012397 of 500BIG ALBig Red NationNoYes
Tournament Pick'em201214%BIG ALOverall LeadersNoNo
Women's Tournament Pick'em2012148 of 414BIG ALWho will winNoYes
Women's Tournament Pick'em201269%BIG ALOverall LeadersNoNo
Auto Racing201112 of 49BALDYHendricks is #1NoYes
Auto Racing201195%BALDYOverallNoNo
Auto Racing20111 of 8BALDYKansas Speedway CrewNoYes
Baseball20112 of 8BIG ALIgnition Jr HighNoYes
Baseball20113 of 6Pimp DaddyThe Beantown DynastyNoYes
Baseball20114 of 10pimp DaddyKC CrewNoYes
Baseball20118 of 8BALDYEast VS. WestNoYes
Baseball20118 of 12Beer ManBaseball in the DNoYes
Basketball20113 of 16Beer ManBob's Ball BouncersNoYes
Basketball20112 of 7Pimp DaddyMega Points 2012NoYes
Basketball20117 of 12BIG ALB-Ball AllstarsNoYes
Basketball20111 of 8TRUE GRITnbaNoYes
Basketball20115 of 10BALDYBasketball AddictNoYes
Basketball20118 of 10Pimp DaddyHARDWOOD ALL STAR LEAGUENoYes
Basketball20116 of 669ersNBA All StarsNoYes
College Bowl Pick'em201180%BIG DADDYOverall LeadersNoNo
College Bowl Pick'em2011162 of 500BIG DADDYChixs & DixsNoYes
College Football Pick'em201179%HUSKERSOverallNoNo
Football20111 of 10BIG ALolder fartsNoYes
Football20113 of 8BEER & CROWNArrowheadsNoYes
Football20116 of 8Beer ManNo Negative PointsNoYes
Football20115 of 10BIG DADDYGiants and Jets FansNoYes
Football201110 of 10BALDYMATERIALS BOWL INoYes
Football20112 of 1069ersPlay OptionNoYes
Hockey20118 of 12BIG ALICE HOCKEY IS KING!!!NoYes
Hockey20113 of 10STIX'SOld Time HockeyNoYes
Hockey201110 of 10PUCK OFFHockeyNoYes
Hockey20111 of 10Pimp DaddyBlades of SteelNoYes
Pro Football Pick'em201194%GO CHIEFSOverallNoNo
Salary Cap Football20116 of 8BIG ALWhere's my signing bonusNoYes
Salary Cap Football201150%BIG ALOverallNoNo
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em201140%try againOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201159%Pimp DaddyOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201145%Huskers Fan of KCOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em2011271 of 500Huskers Fan of KCTwitterifficNoYes
Tournament Pick'em201171%BIG ALOverall LeadersNoNo
Women's Tournament Pick'em201135%Pimp DaddyOverall LeadersNoNo
Auto Racing201085%busch brothersOverallNoNo
Auto Racing201018 of 43busch brothersHendricks is #1NoYes
Auto Racing20103 of 11busch brothersKansas Speedway CrewNoYes
Baseball20106 of 12BALDYWest Virginia BaseballNoYes
Baseball20103 of 10pimp DaddyKC CrewNoYes
Baseball201011 of 12BALDYEast VS. WestNoYes
Basketball20102 of 12Beer Mani can feel the heatNoYes
Basketball20108 of 12BIG ALB-Ball AllstarsNoYes
Basketball20104 of 8Pimp DaddyMega Points 2010NoYes
Basketball20102 of 869ersNBA All StarsNoYes
Basketball20106 of 10BALDYBasketball AddictNoYes
College Bowl Pick'em201053%F THE BIG 12 ( HUSKERS RULE )Overall LeadersNoNo
College Bowl Pick'em201058 of 160F THE BIG 12 ( HUSKERS RULE )Thehuskerzwillrunthebig10NoYes
College Football Pick'em201066%LETS GO HUSKERSOverallNoNo
Football20103 of 14BALDYNacho CheeseNoYes
Football20103 of 10BEER & CROWNArrowheadsNoYes
Football20102 of 4BIG DADDYProBowlMVPNoYes
Football20105 of 10BEER MANTop DogNoYes
Golf201076%BIG ALOverallNoNo
Golf2010207 of 724BIG ALFans of Tom WatsonNoYes
Hockey20103 of 4ICE COLDBostonNoYes
Hockey20109 of 12PUCK OFFBlades of Glory FHLNoYes
Hockey20105 of 12BALDYI'll Puck HerNoYes
Pro Football Pick'em201082%BIG ALOverallNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201021%pimp daddyOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em2010408 of 500pimp daddyNEBRASKANoYes
Baseball20096 of 8pimp DaddyKansas SucksNoYes
Basketball20094 of 10pimp DaddyKC KingsNoYes
College Bowl Pick'em2009211 of 349huskers1 & Only Bowl Pick'Em LeagueNoYes
College Bowl Pick'em200934%huskersOverall LeadersNoNo
College Football Pick'em200988%HUSKERVILLEOverallNoNo
Football200911 of 12BALDYBestTimeOfYearNoYes
Football20097 of 8pimp DaddyArrow HeadsNoYes
Pro Football Pick'em200970%BLIZZARD OF OZOverallNoNo
Tournament Pick'em200989%pimp DaddyOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em200910 of 53pimp DaddyHusker Football - April 18NoYes
Auto Racing200871%busch brothersOverallNoNo
Auto Racing20084 of 8busch brothersKansas Speedway CrewNoYes
Baseball20083 of 8pimp DaddyRoid RageNoYes
Basketball20083 of 8pimp DaddyTha Paper Pusha'sNoYes
College Bowl Pick'em2008249 of 500pimp DaddyGo Big RedNoYes
College Bowl Pick'em200845%pimp DaddyOverall LeadersNoNo
Football20083 of 8pimp DaddyArrow HeadsNoYes
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em200894%busch brothersOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em200846%busch brothersOverall LeadersNoNo
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