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  • Overall Performance:50% (87 eligible teams)
  • Player Since:2000
  • Teams Managed:92
  • League Commish:57% (52 of 92 leagues)
  • Played Most:Football

Trophy Case

  • 2013 - Third PlaceHockey

    League HiddenTeam Hidden
  • 2012 - Second PlaceBasketball

    League HiddenTeam Hidden
  • 2008 - ChampionHockey

    League HiddenTeam Hidden
  • 2008 - Second PlacePro Football Pick'em

    League HiddenTeam Hidden
  • 2008 - Third PlaceFootball

    League HiddenTeam Hidden
  • 2004 - ChampionBaseball

    League HiddenTeam Hidden
  • 2004 - Third PlaceBaseball

    Yahoo Public 224812Bryan Gators
  • 2004 - Third PlaceBaseball

    Yahoo Public 224909Bryan Gators
  • 2003 - ChampionHockey

    Yahoo Winners 11348Team- Sucks
  • 2003 - ChampionHockey

    League HiddenTeam Hidden
  • 2003 - ChampionFootball

    League HiddenTeam Hidden
  • 2003 - Second PlaceBaseball

    League HiddenTeam Hidden
  • 2002 - ChampionBasketball

    League HiddenTeam Hidden
  • 2002 - Second PlaceBasketball

    League HiddenTeam Hidden
  • 2002 - ChampionHockey

    Yahoo Winners 7529BadassesSentFromHell
  • 2001 - ChampionBasketball

    League HiddenTeam Hidden
  • 2001 - Third PlaceBasketball

    League HiddenTeam Hidden
  • 2001 - Second PlaceHockey

    League HiddenTeam Hidden
  • 2001 - Third PlaceFootball

    Yahoo Public 146968Toledo Rockets
  • 2001 - Third PlaceFootball

    League HiddenTeam Hidden
  • 2001 - ChampionBaseball

    League HiddenTeam Hidden
  • 2001 - Third PlaceBaseball

    Yahoo Public 102328Team Bla
  • 2000 - Second PlaceBasketball

    League HiddenTeam Hidden
23 Trophies

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GameYearRankTeamLeagueCommissionerPrivate League
Baseball20141 of 12 *HiddenHiddenYesYes
Baseball20148 of 12 *HiddenHiddenYesYes
Football20149 of 12 *HiddenHiddenYesYes
Pro Football Pick'em20144 of 25 *HiddenHiddenYesYes
Baseball20136 of 14HiddenHiddenYesYes
Football201310 of 12HiddenHiddenYesYes
Hockey20133 of 8HiddenHiddenYesYes
Pro Football Pick'em201318 of 29HiddenHiddenYesYes
Baseball201210 of 14HiddenHiddenYesYes
Basketball20122 of 7HiddenHiddenYesYes
Football20126 of 12HiddenHiddenYesYes
Pro Football Pick'em201215 of 29HiddenHiddenYesYes
Tournament Pick'em201223%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Tournament Pick'em20122 of 3HiddenHiddenYesYes
Baseball201111 of 12HiddenHiddenYesYes
Football20115 of 12HiddenHiddenYesYes
Pro Football Pick'em201115 of 32HiddenHiddenYesYes
Baseball201011 of 16HiddenHiddenYesYes
Football20109 of 12HiddenHiddenYesYes
Pro Football Pick'em201013 of 46HiddenHiddenYesYes
Baseball20094 of 14HiddenHiddenYesYes
Basketball20098 of 9HiddenHiddenYesYes
Football20097 of 10HiddenHiddenYesYes
Pro Football Pick'em200927 of 30HiddenHiddenYesYes
Baseball200813 of 16HiddenHiddenNoYes
Basketball20089 of 12HiddenHiddenNoYes
Football20083 of 10HiddenHiddenYesYes
Hockey20081 of 6HiddenHiddenYesYes
Pro Football Pick'em20082 of 25HiddenHiddenYesYes
Tournament Pick'em200866%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Tournament Pick'em20086 of 12HiddenHiddenNoYes
Baseball200710 of 13HiddenHiddenYesYes
Basketball200716 of 20HiddenHiddenNoYes
Football20077 of 8HiddenHiddenYesYes
Pro Football Pick'em200725 of 37HiddenHiddenYesYes
Basketball20068 of 15HiddenHiddenYesYes
Football20066 of 8HiddenHiddenYesYes
Pro Football Pick'em20061 of 1HiddenHiddenYesYes
Pro Football Pick'em200623 of 39HiddenHiddenYesYes
Tournament Pick'em20061 of 4HiddenHiddenYesYes
Tournament Pick'em200671%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Baseball20054 of 11HiddenHiddenNoYes
Football20055 of 10HiddenHiddenYesYes
Hockey20059 of 10HiddenHiddenNoYes
Hockey20057 of 8HiddenHiddenYesYes
Pro Football Pick'em20058 of 33HiddenHiddenYesYes
Baseball20043 of 12Bryan GatorsYahoo Public 224812NoNo
Baseball20041 of 20HiddenHiddenNoYes
Baseball20043 of 12Bryan GatorsYahoo Public 224909NoNo
Football20045 of 10Team- BEST EVER!Yahoo Public 228616NoNo
Football20049 of 10Team- Auto DraftedYahoo Public 204674NoNo
Football200410 of 10Team- BlaYahoo Public 280134NoNo
Football20045 of 8HiddenHiddenYesYes
Pro Football Pick'em20047 of 9HiddenHiddenYesYes
Survival Football2004deadHiddenHiddenNoYes
Baseball200312 of 12BlaYahoo Public 43607NoNo
Baseball200310 of 12UNDERPERFORMING SCUMYahoo Winners 98462NoNo
Baseball20038 of 12GatorsYahoo Public 106131NoNo
Baseball20032 of 6HiddenHiddenYesYes
Football20031 of 12HiddenHiddenNoYes
Football20036 of 8HiddenHiddenNoYes
Football20034 of 6HiddenHiddenYesYes
Hockey20031 of 12Team- SucksYahoo Winners 11348NoNo
Hockey20031 of 14HiddenHiddenYesYes
Hockey20038 of 12TEAMBESTEVERNODOUBTYahoo Public 2934NoNo
Basketball20022 of 6HiddenHiddenYesYes
Basketball200211 of 12BadassesSentFromHellYahoo Public 102856NoNo
Basketball20021 of 8HiddenHiddenYesYes
Basketball200211 of 12BadassesSentFromHellYahoo Public 97177NoNo
Football200210 of 10Team- BlaYahoo Public 176848NoNo
Football20026 of 10Team- SucksYahoo Public 176576NoNo
Football20026 of 10BadassesSentFromHellYahoo Public 176930NoNo
Football20028 of 8HiddenHiddenYesYes
Hockey20021 of 12BadassesSentFromHellYahoo Winners 7529NoNo
Hockey20025 of 10HiddenHiddenYesYes
Hockey20024 of 12BadassesSentFromHellYahoo Public 47366NoNo
Hockey20026 of 6HiddenHiddenYesYes
Tournament Pick'em20023 of 3HiddenHiddenNoYes
Tournament Pick'em200231%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Baseball20013 of 12Team BlaYahoo Public 102328NoNo
Baseball20014 of 12Team BlaYahoo Public 305NoNo
Baseball20011 of 8HiddenHiddenYesYes
Basketball20011 of 8HiddenHiddenYesYes
Basketball200111 of 12Team BlaYahoo Public 39174NoNo
Basketball20016 of 12Team BlaYahoo Public 40551NoNo
Basketball20013 of 8HiddenHiddenYesYes
Football20013 of 8HiddenHiddenYesYes
Football20013 of 10Toledo RocketsYahoo Public 146968NoNo
Hockey200112 of 12Team BlaYahoo Public 11844NoNo
Hockey20012 of 8HiddenHiddenYesYes
Hockey200111 of 12Team BlaYahoo Public 11894NoNo
Basketball20002 of 6HiddenHiddenNoYes
  • * In Progress
  • Commissioner
  • Private League
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