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Steven G

  • Overall Performance:58% (50 eligible teams)
  • Player Since:2003
  • Teams Managed:52
  • League Commish:4% (2 of 52 leagues)
  • Played Most:Tournament Pick'em

Trophy Case

  • 2013 - Second PlaceBasketball

    Yahoo Public 82462Losers to Glory
  • 2013 - Second PlacePro Football Pick'em

    League HiddenTeam Hidden
  • 2012 - Second PlaceHockey

    Yahoo Public 30341Losers to Glory
  • 2011 - Second PlaceTournament Pick'em

    League HiddenTeam Hidden
  • 2010 - ChampionFootball

    League HiddenTeam Hidden
  • 2010 - ChampionTournament Pick'em

    League HiddenTeam Hidden
  • 2008 - Third PlaceFootball

    League HiddenTeam Hidden
  • 2008 - Third PlaceFootball

    League HiddenTeam Hidden
  • 2003 - Second PlaceBasketball

    Yahoo Public 47796Clarksville Cheetahs
9 Trophies

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Overall Performance: Help
GameYearRankTeamLeagueCommissionerPrivate League
Basketball20132 of 12Losers to GloryYahoo Public 82462NoNo
Football20136 of 10Losers to GloryYahoo Public 351301NoNo
Hockey20134 of 12Losers to GloryYahoo Public 68100NoNo
Pro Football Pick'em20132 of 10HiddenHiddenNoYes
Tournament Pick'em201379%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201365%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Basketball20124 of 12Losers to GloryYahoo Public 135582NoNo
College Bowl Pick'em201225%HiddenHiddenNoNo
College Bowl Pick'em201222%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Football20128 of 10Losers to GloryYahoo Public 569201NoNo
Hockey20122 of 12Losers to GloryYahoo Public 30341NoNo
Tournament Pick'em201292%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201263%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Basketball20117 of 12Zero to ChampionsYahoo Public 110028NoNo
Basketball20117 of 12Sacramento HilltopsYahoo Public 56294NoNo
Football20116 of 10Guthrie HillhoundsYahoo Public 513287NoNo
Tournament Pick'em201196%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201123%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Tournament Pick'em20112 of 28HiddenHiddenNoYes
Tournament Pick'em201111 of 16HiddenHiddenNoYes
Basketball201011 of 12Goal to minus 200!Yahoo Public 17600NoNo
Football20106 of 8HiddenHiddenNoYes
Football20101 of 8HiddenHiddenNoYes
Tournament Pick'em201089%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Tournament Pick'em20101 of 8HiddenHiddenNoYes
Tournament Pick'em2010271 of 308HiddenHiddenNoYes
Tournament Pick'em201015%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Basketball20094 of 10HiddenHiddenNoYes
Football20094 of 4HiddenHiddenNoYes
Tournament Pick'em200920 of 24HiddenHiddenYesYes
Tournament Pick'em200930%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Tournament Pick'em200966%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Tournament Pick'em200950 of 119HiddenHiddenNoYes
Tournament Pick'em200961%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Tournament Pick'em20096 of 15HiddenHiddenNoYes
Basketball20084 of 12Kentucky StingraysYahoo Public 101870NoNo
Football20083 of 10HiddenHiddenNoYes
Football20083 of 8HiddenHiddenNoYes
Tournament Pick'em200871%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Tournament Pick'em20088 of 41HiddenHiddenNoYes
Tournament Pick'em20055 of 4HiddenHiddenYesYes
Tournament Pick'em200538%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Basketball20047 of 12Golden AlleycatsYahoo Public 103132NoNo
Basketball20045 of 12The EarthquakesYahoo Public 78147NoNo
Basketball20048 of 12Tennessee RampageYahoo Public 117354NoNo
Football20046 of 10Kentucky ThundercatsYahoo Public 419418NoNo
Football20046 of 10Guthrie GunnersYahoo Public 419419NoNo
Football20046 of 10Kentucky KraziesYahoo Public 595423NoNo
Baseball20038 of 12Clarksville CheetahsYahoo Public 210875NoNo
Basketball20032 of 12Clarksville CheetahsYahoo Public 47796NoNo
College Football Pick'em200387%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Football20035 of 10Clarksville CheetahsYahoo Public 60692NoNo
  • * In Progress
  • Commissioner
  • Private League
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