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  • Overall Performance:72% (125 eligible teams)
  • Player Since:2011
  • Teams Managed:137
  • Played Most:Football

Trophy Case

  • 2013 - ChampionHockey

    Yahoo Public 85120Victorious II
  • 2013 - ChampionHockey

    Yahoo Public 86109Victorious V
  • 2013 - ChampionHockey

    Yahoo Public 81658Victorious I
  • 2013 - ChampionFootball

    Yahoo Public 722495Victorious I
  • 2013 - ChampionFootball

    Yahoo Public 916596Victorious V
  • 2013 - ChampionFootball

    Yahoo Public 1056366Victorious VII
  • 2013 - Third PlaceFootball

    Yahoo Public 981724Victorious VI
  • 2013 - Third PlaceFootball

    Yahoo Public 837238Victorious III
  • 2013 - ChampionBaseball

    Yahoo Public 154048Victorious III
  • 2013 - ChampionBaseball

    Yahoo Public 146945Victorious I
  • 2013 - ChampionBaseball

    Yahoo Public 146765Victorious II
  • 2013 - Second PlaceBaseball

    Yahoo Public 159248Victorious IV
  • 2013 - Second PlaceBaseball

    Yahoo Public 175705Victorious VI
  • 2012 - ChampionHockey

    Yahoo Public 77993Victorious V
  • 2012 - Second PlaceBasketball

    Yahoo Public 44223Victorious IV
  • 2012 - ChampionFootball

    Yahoo Public 582508Victorious III
  • 2012 - ChampionFootball

    Yahoo Public 657457Victorious VII
  • 2012 - ChampionFootball

    Yahoo Public 567343Victorious II
  • 2012 - ChampionFootball

    Yahoo Public 675238Victorious VIII
  • 2012 - Second PlaceFootball

    Yahoo Public 485686Victorious VI
  • 2012 - Second PlaceFootball

    Yahoo Public 549321Victorious I
  • 2012 - ChampionBaseball

    Yahoo Public 182924Victorious VIII
  • 2012 - ChampionBaseball

    Yahoo Public 180304Victorious V
  • 2012 - ChampionBaseball

    Yahoo Public 180263Victorious IV
  • 2011 - ChampionBasketball

    Yahoo Public 121663Victorious VII
  • 2011 - ChampionBasketball

    Yahoo Public 46335Victorious III
  • 2011 - Second PlaceBasketball

    Yahoo Public 121664Victorious VIII
  • 2011 - Third PlaceBasketball

    Yahoo Public 51428Victorious IV
  • 2011 - ChampionFootball

    Yahoo Public 689624Victorious V
  • 2011 - Second PlaceFootball

    Yahoo Public 633129Victorious VI
  • 2011 - Third PlaceFootball

    Yahoo Public 689628Victorious VIII
  • 2011 - Third PlaceFootball

    Yahoo Public 675321Victorious IV
  • 2011 - Third PlaceFootball

    Yahoo Public 689627Victorious VII
  • 2011 - Third PlaceFootball

    Yahoo Public 675320Victorious III
  • 2011 - Third PlaceFootball

    Yahoo Public 641981Victorious I
  • 2011 - ChampionBaseball

    Yahoo Public 194776Victorious I
  • 2011 - ChampionBaseball

    Yahoo Public 27564Victorious V
37 Trophies

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Overall Performance: Help
GameYearRankTeamLeagueCommissionerPrivate League
Baseball20145 of 12 *Victorious IIIYahoo Public 172792NoNo
Baseball20147 of 12 *Victorious IIYahoo Public 173176NoNo
Baseball20141 of 12 *Victorious VYahoo Public 172169NoNo
Baseball20143 of 12 *Victorious VIYahoo Public 173031NoNo
Baseball20142 of 12 *Victorious's VIIIYahoo Public 172935NoNo
Baseball20143 of 12 *Victorious VIIYahoo Public 134397NoNo
Baseball20143 of 12 *VictoriousYahoo Public 173274NoNo
Baseball20141 of 12 *Victorious IVYahoo Public 173666NoNo
College Football Pick'em201443% *HiddenHiddenNoNo
Football20142 of 10 *Victorious IVYahoo Public 1023849NoNo
Football20141 of 10 *Victorious IIIYahoo Public 995987NoNo
Football20141 of 10 *VictoriousYahoo Public 989950NoNo
Football20142 of 10 *Victorious VYahoo Public 1153744NoNo
Football20141 of 10 *Victorious IIYahoo Public 991786NoNo
Football20144 of 10 *Victorious VIYahoo Public 1320245NoNo
Football20143 of 10 *Victorious VIIYahoo Public 1336095NoNo
Football20144 of 10 *Victorious VIIIYahoo Public 1336710NoNo
Hockey2014N/A *Victorious VIYahoo Public 37986NoNo
Hockey2014N/A *Victorious VIIYahoo Public 47955NoNo
Hockey2014N/A *Victorious IYahoo Public 2369NoNo
Hockey2014N/A *Victorious VYahoo Public 4735NoNo
Hockey2014N/A *Victorious VIIIYahoo Public 17786NoNo
Hockey2014N/A *Victorious IIIYahoo Public 3938NoNo
Hockey2014N/A *Victorious IVYahoo Public 38431NoNo
Hockey2014N/A *Victorious IIYahoo Public 2987NoNo
Pro Football Pick'em201466% *HiddenHiddenNoNo
Survival Football2014alive *HiddenHiddenNoYes
Auto Racing201395%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Baseball20132 of 12Victorious VIYahoo Public 175705NoNo
Baseball20136 of 12Victorious VYahoo Public 170176NoNo
Baseball20131 of 12Victorious IYahoo Public 146945NoNo
Baseball20138 of 12Victorious VIIYahoo Public 2820NoNo
Baseball20137 of 12Victorious VIIIYahoo Public 177939NoNo
Baseball20132 of 12Victorious IVYahoo Public 159248NoNo
Baseball20131 of 12Victorious IIYahoo Public 146765NoNo
Baseball20131 of 12Victorious IIIYahoo Public 154048NoNo
College Football Pick'em201382%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Football20131 of 10Victorious VIIYahoo Public 1056366NoNo
Football20136 of 10Victorious VIIIYahoo Public 1070053NoNo
Football20133 of 10Victorious VIYahoo Public 981724NoNo
Football20131 of 10Victorious VYahoo Public 916596NoNo
Football20131 of 10Victorious IYahoo Public 722495NoNo
Football20135 of 10Victorious IVYahoo Public 927533NoNo
Football20136 of 10Victorious IIYahoo Public 811599NoNo
Football20133 of 10Victorious IIIYahoo Public 837238NoNo
Golf2013187 of 320HiddenHiddenNoYes
Hockey20137 of 12Victorious VIYahoo Public 86110NoNo
Hockey20131 of 12Victorious VYahoo Public 86109NoNo
Hockey20137 of 12Victorious VIIYahoo Public 86111NoNo
Hockey20138 of 12Victorious VIIIYahoo Public 86112NoNo
Hockey20135 of 12Victorious IIIYahoo Public 86107NoNo
Hockey20135 of 12Victorious IVYahoo Public 86108NoNo
Hockey20131 of 12Victorious IYahoo Public 81658NoNo
Hockey20131 of 12Victorious IIYahoo Public 85120NoNo
Pro Football Pick'em201398%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Survival Football2013deadHiddenHiddenNoYes
Tournament Pick'em201332%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201382%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Women's Tournament Pick'em201396%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Women's Tournament Pick'em201381%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Auto Racing201210%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Baseball20125 of 12Victorious IIIYahoo Public 173937NoNo
Baseball201210 of 12Victorious VIYahoo Public 182922NoNo
Baseball20124 of 12Victorious VIIYahoo Public 182923NoNo
Baseball20121 of 12Victorious VYahoo Public 180304NoNo
Baseball20121 of 12Victorious IVYahoo Public 180263NoNo
Baseball20126 of 12Victorious IYahoo Public 173997NoNo
Baseball20126 of 12Victorious IIYahoo Public 173927NoNo
Baseball20121 of 12Victorious VIIIYahoo Public 182924NoNo
Basketball20129 of 12Victorious IYahoo Public 36996NoNo
Basketball20125 of 12Victorious VIYahoo Public 44310NoNo
Basketball20127 of 12Victorious VIIYahoo Public 44026NoNo
Basketball20129 of 12Victorious VYahoo Public 43820NoNo
Basketball20122 of 12Victorious IVYahoo Public 44223NoNo
Basketball201210 of 12Victorious IIYahoo Public 43715NoNo
Basketball20128 of 12Victorious IIIYahoo Public 43938NoNo
Basketball20124 of 12Victorious VIIIYahoo Public 43716NoNo
College Bowl Pick'em201234 of 500HiddenHiddenNoYes
College Bowl Pick'em201289%HiddenHiddenNoNo
College Football Pick'em201265%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Football20121 of 10Victorious VIIYahoo Public 657457NoNo
Football20121 of 10Victorious VIIIYahoo Public 675238NoNo
Football20122 of 10Victorious VIYahoo Public 485686NoNo
Football20126 of 10Victorious IVYahoo Public 596148NoNo
Football20122 of 10Victorious IYahoo Public 549321NoNo
Football20121 of 10Victorious IIYahoo Public 567343NoNo
Football20121 of 10Victorious IIIYahoo Public 582508NoNo
Football20126 of 10Victorious VYahoo Public 615581NoNo
Hockey20129 of 12Victorious IVYahoo Public 77992NoNo
Hockey20121 of 12Victorious VYahoo Public 77993NoNo
Hockey20124 of 12Victorious VIYahoo Public 77994NoNo
Hockey20125 of 12Victorious VIIYahoo Public 77995NoNo
Hockey20124 of 12Victorious IIIYahoo Public 77991NoNo
Hockey20124 of 12Victorious VIIIYahoo Public 77996NoNo
Hockey201210 of 12Victorious IIYahoo Public 77990NoNo
Hockey20124 of 12Victorious IYahoo Public 77989NoNo
Pro Football Pick'em201281%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Salary Cap Football201291%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Survival Football2012deadHiddenHiddenNoYes
Baseball20117 of 12Team GYahoo Public 197080NoNo
Baseball20116 of 12Victorious IIYahoo Public 194304NoNo
Baseball20111 of 12Victorious IYahoo Public 194776NoNo
Baseball20114 of 12Victorious IVYahoo Public 108969NoNo
Baseball20111 of 12Victorious VYahoo Public 27564NoNo
Basketball20114 of 12Victorious VYahoo Public 68527NoNo
Basketball20113 of 12Victorious IVYahoo Public 51428NoNo
Basketball20111 of 12Victorious IIIYahoo Public 46335NoNo
Basketball20117 of 12Victorious IYahoo Public 29036NoNo
Basketball20116 of 12Victorious IIYahoo Public 33664NoNo
Basketball20117 of 12Vitorious VIYahoo Public 121660NoNo
Basketball20112 of 12Victorious VIIIYahoo Public 121664NoNo
Basketball20111 of 12Victorious VIIYahoo Public 121663NoNo
College Bowl Pick'em201173%HiddenHiddenNoNo
College Bowl Pick'em201134 of 128HiddenHiddenNoYes
College Football Pick'em201182%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Football20111 of 10Victorious VYahoo Public 689624NoNo
Football20113 of 10Victorious IVYahoo Public 675321NoNo
Football20113 of 10Victorious IIIYahoo Public 675320NoNo
Football20113 of 10Victorious VIIYahoo Public 689627NoNo
Football20113 of 10Victorious VIIIYahoo Public 689628NoNo
Football20112 of 10Victorious VIYahoo Public 633129NoNo
Football20117 of 10Victorious IIYahoo Public 635906NoNo
Football20113 of 10Victorious IYahoo Public 641981NoNo
Hockey20118 of 12Victorious IIIYahoo Public 59079NoNo
Hockey20114 of 12Victorious VYahoo Public 59081NoNo
Hockey20117 of 12Victorious IIYahoo Public 59078NoNo
Hockey20115 of 12Victorious IVYahoo Public 59080NoNo
Hockey20117 of 12Victorious IYahoo Public 59077NoNo
Pro Football Pick'em201168%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Salary Cap Football201187%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em201196%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em201170%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Survival Football2011deadHiddenHiddenNoYes
Tournament Pick'em201197%HiddenHiddenNoNo
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