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Gene O

  • Overall Performance:50% (138 eligible teams)
  • Player Since:2006
  • Teams Managed:143
  • League Commish:3% (5 of 143 leagues)
  • Played Most:Tournament Pick'em

Trophy Case

  • 2011 - ChampionBaseball

    Best of the Bestclutch
  • 2011 - Second PlaceBaseball

    Camp Victory Iraqclutch
  • 2011 - Third PlaceBaseball

    votto mvpvotto is clutch
  • 2011 - Second PlaceTournament Pick'em

    ***All-Stars*** Groupclutch
  • 2010 - ChampionBaseball

    Experts Leagueclutch
  • 2010 - Second PlaceBaseball

    Camp Victory Iraqclutch
  • 2010 - Third PlaceBaseball

    votto mvpvotto is clutch
  • 2009 - ChampionBaseball

    Yahoo Public 416245redleg
  • 2009 - Third PlaceBaseball

    Yahoo Public 186330clutch
  • 2006 - ChampionBaseball

    Yahoo Public 39264Ohio's Greatest
  • 2006 - Third PlaceBaseball

    Yahoo Public 12699racstip
11 Trophies

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GameYearRankTeamLeagueCommissionerPrivate League
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em20101 of 1Tight Like ThatThe Best From O H I OYesYes
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em201121%clutchOverall LeadersNoNo
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em2011375 of 500clutchBuckeyes RuleNoYes
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em201177%clutchOverall LeadersNoNo
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em201158 of 390clutchUWNoYes
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em201024%Tight Like ThatOverall LeadersNoNo
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em201018%Blast TyrantOverall LeadersNoNo
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em201018%Burning BeardOverall LeadersNoNo
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em201066 of 500elephants on paradeBuckeye ChampsNoYes
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em2010149 of 181Burning BeardFRUITS OF THE SPIRITNoYes
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em201035%Electric WorryOverall LeadersNoNo
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em2010336 of 500Electric WorryAll Buckeye Fans!!NoYes
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em201116%clutchOverall LeadersNoNo
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em2011212 of 237clutchSPARTANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!NoYes
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em201343%Gene O's Great BracketOverall LeadersNoNo
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em201397%Gene O's Groovy BracketOverall LeadersNoNo
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em201327%Gene O's Perfect BracketOverall LeadersNoNo
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em201325%Gene O's Remarkable BracketOverall LeadersNoNo
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em201342%Gene O's Groovy BracketOverall LeadersNoNo
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em201247%buck shotOverall LeadersNoNo
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em2012279 of 500clutchOhio State FansNoYes
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em2011129 of 242clutchFlorida Gators BasketballNoYes
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em201165%clutchOverall LeadersNoNo
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em201195%clutchOverall LeadersNoNo
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em201121 of 500clutchUNC HEELS #1NoYes
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em201226%clutchOverall LeadersNoNo
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em201076%elephants on paradeOverall LeadersNoNo
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em201075 of 81Blast TyrantParkersburg4WVUNoYes
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em2009389 of 500clutchFamily GameNoYes
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em200940%10001110101Overall LeadersNoNo
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em200929%10001110101Overall LeadersNoNo
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em200933%clutchOverall LeadersNoNo
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em200929%10001110101Overall LeadersNoNo
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em200929%10001110101Overall LeadersNoNo
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em2009197 of 26310001110101Git 'Er DoneNoYes
Tournament Pick'em200730 of 84unembered #1cougarsNoYes
Tournament Pick'em201345%ClutchOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em200752%unembered #1Overall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em200769%pitscarOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em200923%pitscarOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em2009369 of 500pitscarMID-OHIO NCAA 09'NoYes
Tournament Pick'em200926%clutchOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em200778%pitscarFans of MemphisNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201244%clutchOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201226 of 56buck shotMarch Madness '11NoYes
Tournament Pick'em201252%buck shotOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201248%clutchDrew Brees - Dream BigNoNo
Tournament Pick'em2013192 of 328ClutchWest Virginia Money BracketNoYes
Tournament Pick'em2013370 of 500Gene O's Excellent BracketBSPT Win Prizes ContestNoYes
Tournament Pick'em200744%oden's stayin'Overall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em2007104 of 229oden's stayin'GOOD BALLERSNoYes
Tournament Pick'em20076 of 93go_bucksOfficial Tournament Pick'em 07NoYes
Tournament Pick'em200787%go_bucksOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em200793%unemberedFans of Ohio St.NoNo
Tournament Pick'em2013207 of 235Gene O's Great March MadnessNoYes
Tournament Pick'em201319%Gene O's Great BracketOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201320%Gene O's Excellent BracketOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201334 of 381Gene O's Glorious BracketSports Studio x BoombotixNoYes
Tournament Pick'em2009384 of 500clutchFANS THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITYNoYes
Tournament Pick'em201317%Gene O's Incredible BracketOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em2013413 of 500Gene O's Incredible BracketOregon Sports News BracketNoYes
Tournament Pick'em201389%Gene O's Glorious BracketOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em200915%10001110101Fans of GonzagaNoNo
Tournament Pick'em20109%clutchOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201053%unsung melodyFans of XavierNoNo
Tournament Pick'em200790%unemberedOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em20099%clutchFans of West VirginiaNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201191%clutchOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201055%unsung melodyOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em2010291 of 500jesus on the dashboardDeep Fried SEC BracketologyNoYes
Tournament Pick'em201072 of 500clutchCFFinsiderNoYes
Tournament Pick'em201084%clutchOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201052%profit of doomOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em2010218 of 500profit of March MadnessNoYes
Tournament Pick'em201022%jesus on the dashboardOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201120 of 500clutchFans of Ohio StateNoYes
Tournament Pick'em201163%clutchOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em200912%clutchOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em20112 of 69clutch***All-Stars*** GroupNoYes
Tournament Pick'em2010447 of 500clutchFans of Ohio StateNoYes
Tournament Pick'em200913%10001110101Overall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em2009263 of 50010001110101FANS THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITYNoYes
Tournament Pick'em201198%clutchOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201112 of 32clutchMarch Madness '11NoYes
Tournament Pick'em201164%clutchFans of Ohio St.NoNo
Tournament Pick'em201194%Gene Offenberger MUOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201141 of 500Gene Offenberger MUFree 5C Bracket PoolNoYes
Tournament Pick'em201163%clutchOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em200971%10001110101Overall LeadersNoNo
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  • Private League
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