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  • Overall Performance:62% (70 eligible teams)
  • Player Since:2008
  • Teams Managed:70
  • Played Most:Football

Trophy Case

  • 2013 - ChampionFootball

    Yahoo Winner 444105Bounty Hunter
  • 2013 - ChampionFootball

    Yahoo Public 594445Vicktomized
  • 2013 - Third PlaceFootball

    Yahoo Public 883304Bounty Hunter
  • 2013 - Third PlaceFootball

    Yahoo Public 53104ChalkTalk
  • 2013 - Third PlaceFootball

    Yahoo Public 443220Fantasy Baller
  • 2012 - ChampionFootball

    Yahoo Public 825464Terminator
  • 2012 - Second PlaceFootball

    Yahoo Public 858615Goodells Goons
  • 2011 - Second PlaceFootball

    Yahoo Public 246323BustinBawls
  • 2011 - Third PlaceFootball

    Yahoo Public 742416Sacktracker
  • 2011 - Third PlaceFootball

    Yahoo Public 742467Rebelrousers
  • 2011 - Third PlaceFootball

    Yahoo Public 759588Noname
  • 2010 - ChampionFootball

    Yahoo Public 597141Bustinbawls
  • 2010 - Second PlaceFootball

    Yahoo Public 501632Ball of confusion
  • 2010 - Second PlaceFootball

    Yahoo Public 335088Saints Chargers
  • 2010 - Third PlaceFootball

    Yahoo Public 684327myteamsux
  • 2010 - Third PlaceFootball

    Yahoo Public 673164notinmytime
  • 2009 - ChampionFootball

    Yahoo Public 482245geaux lions
  • 2009 - ChampionFootball

    Yahoo Public 263806LSU Fan
  • 2008 - Second PlaceFootball

    Yahoo Public 683186Bayou Bashers
19 Trophies

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GameYearRankTeamLeagueCommissionerPrivate League
Football20147 of 10 *FlintstonerYahoo Winner 84355NoNo
Football20141 of 10 *So Suh MeYahoo Public 9715NoNo
Football20141 of 10 *Chas247's Crazy TeamYahoo Public 57241NoNo
Football20141 of 10 *Fears of a ClowneyYahoo Public 1230298NoNo
Football20141 of 10 *Fears of a ClowneyYahoo Public 1266446NoNo
Tourney Pick'em201470%Chas247's Genius BracketQuicken Loans Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge PoolNoNo
Tourney Pick'em201470%Chas247's Genius BracketOverall LeadersNoNo
College Bowl Pick'em201315%NOMERCYOverall LeadersNoNo
College Bowl Pick'em2013438 of 500NOMERCYLets Go Bowling !!!NoYes
Football20133 of 10Fantasy BallerYahoo Public 443220NoNo
Football20131 of 10Bounty HunterYahoo Winner 444105NoNo
Football20131 of 10VicktomizedYahoo Public 594445NoNo
Football20133 of 10ChalkTalkYahoo Public 53104NoNo
Football20137 of 10The Bounty HunterYahoo Public 929902NoNo
Football20133 of 10Bounty HunterYahoo Public 883304NoNo
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em201332%Chas247's Great BracketOverall LeadersNoNo
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em201355%Chas247's Wonderful BracketOverall LeadersNoNo
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em201356%Chas247's Crazy BracketOverall LeadersNoNo
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em201372%Chas247's Crazy BracketOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201384%Chas247's Primo BracketOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201382%Chas247's Crazy BracketOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201380%Chas247's Champion BracketOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201329%Chas247's Splendid BracketOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201386%Chas247's Tip-Top BracketOverall LeadersNoNo
Auto Racing20128%nascar2428OverallNoNo
College Bowl Pick'em201260%NOMERCYOverall LeadersNoNo
College Bowl Pick'em201271 of 183NOMERCYLets Go Bowling !!!NoYes
Football20128 of 10FlintoidsYahoo Public 618353NoNo
Football20126 of 12Nomercy77947 FOOTBALL GOD'SNoYes
Football20124 of 10Bounty HunterYahoo Public 736841NoNo
Football20129 of 10ThatsurazYahoo Public 784813NoNo
Football20122 of 10Goodells GoonsYahoo Public 858615NoNo
Football20121 of 10TerminatorYahoo Public 825464NoNo
Tournament Pick'em201278%Chas247's BracketOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201282%cda2471Overall LeadersNoNo
College Bowl Pick'em2011186 of 202no mercyLets Go Bowling !!!NoYes
College Bowl Pick'em201111%no mercyOverall LeadersNoNo
Football20113 of 10RebelrousersYahoo Public 742467NoNo
Football20112 of 10BustinBawlsYahoo Public 246323NoNo
Football20114 of 12Nomercy77947 FOOTBALL GOD'SNoYes
Football20113 of 10SacktrackerYahoo Public 742416NoNo
Football20114 of 10RodgerdodgerYahoo Public 85243NoNo
Football20118 of 10FuttYahoo Public 757569NoNo
Football20114 of 10Tebows crack headsYahoo Public 759695NoNo
Football20113 of 10NonameYahoo Public 759588NoNo
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em201114%mysecondchance2Overall LeadersNoNo
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em201124%mysecondchanceOverall LeadersNoNo
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em201113%mysecondchance3Overall LeadersNoNo
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em201120%mysecondchance4Overall LeadersNoNo
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em201135%thisisitOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201155%Chas247's Bracket1Overall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201164%chas2472Overall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201160%Chas247's BracketOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201178%chas2473Overall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201185%chas2474Overall LeadersNoNo
Football20106 of 10old timerYahoo Public 545803NoNo
Football20102 of 10Saints ChargersYahoo Public 335088NoNo
Football20107 of 10SaintsagainYahoo Winner 127905NoNo
Football20101 of 10BustinbawlsYahoo Public 597141NoNo
Football20102 of 10Ball of confusionYahoo Public 501632NoNo
Football20103 of 10notinmytimeYahoo Public 673164NoNo
Football20104 of 10drewskreweYahoo Public 643200NoNo
Football20103 of 10myteamsuxYahoo Public 684327NoNo
Tournament Pick'em201033%bracket beginnerOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em2010338 of 500bracket beginnerOhio State BuckeyesNoYes
Football20091 of 10geaux lionsYahoo Public 482245NoNo
Football20091 of 10LSU FanYahoo Public 263806NoNo
Football20084 of 10Fighting TigersYahoo Public 684307NoNo
Football20089 of 10purple and goldYahoo Public 684541NoNo
Football20082 of 10Bayou BashersYahoo Public 683186NoNo
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  • Commissioner
  • Private League
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