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Concrete Charlie

  • Overall Performance:67% (83 eligible teams)
  • Player Since:2012
  • Teams Managed:94
  • League Commish:38% (36 of 94 leagues)
  • Played Most:Baseball

Trophy Case

  • 2014 - ChampionBaseball

    Deaths Head Classic IIDeaths Head
  • 2014 - ChampionBaseball

    big d's awesome leagueDeaths Head
  • 2014 - ChampionBaseball

    Mid Summer Fuckin Classic 2014Deaths Head
  • 2014 - Second PlaceBaseball

    Deaths Head Classic IDas Deutschland
  • 2014 - Second PlaceBaseball

    Deaths Head Classic IIIDeaths Head
  • 2014 - Third PlaceBaseball

    Bitches & Whores 2014Deaths Head
  • 2013 - ChampionHockey

    FlyersBroad St
  • 2013 - ChampionHockey

    Bitch's ( . )( . ) Whore'sPhiladelphia Flyers
  • 2013 - ChampionHockey

    Cinthia Crybaby Philly's BitchPhiladelphia Flyers
  • 2013 - Second PlaceHockey

    Broad Street BulliesPhiladelphia Flyers
  • 2013 - Second PlaceHockey

    Crosby sucks 2013- 2014Dick Dynasty
  • 2013 - Third PlaceCollege Bowl Pick'em

    Car Care bowlOn The Road To Victory
  • 2013 - ChampionFootball

    Blitz ThisDeaths Helmet (Phi)
  • 2013 - ChampionFootball

    Concrete CharliePhiladelphia Eagles
  • 2013 - Second PlaceFootball

    4th And InchesPhiladelphia Eagles
  • 2013 - ChampionBaseball

    Phuck The Sillies 2013Phladelphia Phillies
  • 2013 - ChampionBaseball

    BallzThe Fightins
  • 2013 - ChampionBaseball

    Lost AND FoundFightins SS
  • 2013 - ChampionBaseball

    YB Diamond Club '1320 Von Schmidt 20
  • 2013 - Second PlaceBaseball

    Phuck The Phillies In 2013The Fightins
  • 2013 - Third PlaceBaseball

    MLB 2013The Fightins
  • 2013 - Third PlaceBaseball

    Big BallsSS Fightins
  • 2012 - ChampionBaseball

    Big Tits ( . )( . ) MLB 2012Fightin Phils
  • 2012 - Second PlaceBaseball

    the league of leaguesChutley
  • 2012 - Second PlaceBaseball

    Lets Go Phillies!!!Philadelphia
  • 2012 - Third PlaceBaseball

    San Flukecisco 2010Chutley
  • 2012 - Third PlaceBaseball

    Phillies FansPhightin Phils
27 Trophies

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GameYearRankTeamLeagueCommissionerPrivate League
Baseball20142 of 4Wiffen SSDeaths Head Classic IIIIYesYes
Baseball20141 of 8Deaths HeadMid Summer Fuckin Classic 2014YesYes
Baseball20143 of 10Deaths HeadBitches & Whores 2014YesYes
Baseball20142 of 8Das DeutschlandDeaths Head Classic IYesYes
Baseball20147 of 8Deaths HeadCubbiesNoYes
Baseball20141 of 8Deaths HeadDeaths Head Classic IIYesYes
Baseball20142 of 8Deaths HeadDeaths Head Classic IIIYesYes
Baseball20141 of 6Deaths Headbig d's awesome leagueNoYes
Campionato Italiano (Serie A)201459% *Juventus FCOverallNoNo
Campionato Italiano (Serie A)20144 of 6 *Juventus FCCampionato Italiano LeaguNoYes
Football20141 of 6 *Philadelphia Eagles4th And InchesNoYes
Football20143 of 8 *Philadelphia EaglesBednarik's BastardsYesYes
Football20147 of 10 *Concrete CharlieROOT SPORTS FOOTBALLNoYes
Football20142 of 8 *Philadelphia EaglesBlitz ThisYesYes
French Ligue 120141 of 6 *FC GIRONDINS DE BORDEAUXLigue 1YesYes
French Ligue 1201474% *FC GIRONDINS DE BORDEAUXOverallNoNo
German Bundesliga20145 of 6 *FC Bayern MünchenBunde LeagueYesYes
German Bundesliga201469% *FC Bayern MünchenOverallNoNo
Hockey2014N/A *Broad St. BulliesSnipeshow '14/15NoYes
Hockey2014N/A *Philadelphia FlyersBitch's ( . )( . ) Whore'sYesYes
Premiership20141 of 6 *Liverpool FCLiverpool ForeverYesYes
Premiership20141 of 6 *Liverpool FCGermany 1942NoYes
Premiership201475% *Liverpool FCOverallNoNo
Superliga20146 of 6 *Barcalona FCLa LigaYesYes
Superliga201461% *Barcalona FCOverallNoNo
Superliga20143 of 3 *Barcalona FCItalian La LigaNoYes
Tourney Pick'em201477%Broad St Bullies's BracketOverall LeadersNoNo
Tourney Pick'em201477%Broad St Bullies's BracketQuicken Loans Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge PoolNoNo
Tourney Pick'em20146 of 23Broad St Bullies's BracketIn it to Win a BillionNoYes
Tourney Pick'em201454%Broad St Bullies's BracketOverall LeadersNoNo
World Soccer 2014201494%England - GBROverall LeadersNoNo
World Soccer 201420141 of 2England - GBRGBR - EnglandYesYes
Baseball20135 of 8SS FightinsThe PhightinsYesYes
Baseball20133 of 8The FightinsMLB 2013NoYes
Baseball20132 of 10The FightinsPhuck The Phillies In 2013YesYes
Baseball20131 of 1020 Von Schmidt 20YB Diamond Club '13NoYes
Baseball20131 of 6Fightins SSLost AND FoundYesYes
Baseball20131 of 8The FightinsBallzYesYes
Baseball20131 of 8Phladelphia PhilliesPhuck The Sillies 2013YesYes
Baseball20133 of 8SS FightinsBig BallsNoYes
College Bowl Pick'em201357%Phila Eagles NFCEast ChampionsOverall LeadersNoNo
College Bowl Pick'em20131 of 4BUDONNIE's Dandy PoolNoYes
College Bowl Pick'em20133 of 10On The Road To VictoryCar Care bowlNoYes
College Bowl Pick'em201389%BUOverall LeadersNoNo
College Bowl Pick'em201315 of 17OKlamathNoYes
College Bowl Pick'em201381%Linebacker UOverall LeadersNoNo
College Bowl Pick'em201351%Joe Paterno Loved & MissedOverall LeadersNoNo
College Bowl Pick'em20135 of 11Joe Paterno Loved & MissedNo Bowl No Problem!! Year 2NoYes
College Bowl Pick'em201318 of 70Linebacker UPencilvania me inYesYes
College Bowl Pick'em201389%The AssmanOverall LeadersNoNo
College Bowl Pick'em201341%OOverall LeadersNoNo
College Bowl Pick'em20138 of 14Phila Eagles NFCEast ChampionsChip Kelly for presidentNoYes
College Bowl Pick'em201350%Pennsylvania StateOverall LeadersNoNo
College Bowl Pick'em20136 of 17The AssmanBig Ten vs SEC vs Big 12NoYes
College Bowl Pick'em201370%On The Road To VictoryOverall LeadersNoNo
College Bowl Pick'em201354%The AssmanOverall LeadersNoNo
College Bowl Pick'em201325 of 58The AssmanSeinfeld ThemedNoYes
College Bowl Pick'em201355%Pennsylvania StateFans of Penn StateNoNo
College Bowl Pick'em201361%Liverpool EnglandOverall LeadersNoNo
College Bowl Pick'em20138 of 12Liverpool EnglandBig 12 Toilet Bowl 5NoYes
Football20131 of 8Deaths Helmet (Phi)Blitz ThisYesYes
Football20132 of 8Philadelphia Eagles4th And InchesNoYes
Football20131 of 4Philadelphia EaglesBednarik's BedlamYesYes
Football20131 of 8Philadelphia EaglesConcrete CharlieYesYes
Hockey20131 of 8Broad StFlyersYesYes
Hockey20138 of 8.Incubus ate my childhoodNoYes
Hockey20131 of 4The Bitchin BulliesI LOVE B( . )( . )BIESYesYes
Hockey20131 of 4Liverpool FCBulliesYesYes
Hockey20132 of 8Philadelphia FlyersBroad Street BulliesYesYes
Hockey20131 of 8Philadelphia FlyersCinthia Crybaby Philly's BitchYesYes
Hockey20132 of 10Dick DynastyCrosby sucks 2013- 2014NoYes
Hockey20131 of 8Philadelphia FlyersBitch's ( . )( . ) Whore'sYesYes
Premiership20131 of 1The Phightins FCLiverpool FC - YSNWAYesYes
Premiership201372%The Phightins FCOverallNoNo
Pro Football Pick'em201352 of 60Fly Eagles FlySunday RushNoYes
Pro Football Pick'em201380%Screamin EaglesOverallNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201353%The Phightins's BracketOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201324%The Phightins's Genius BracketOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201351%The Phightins's BracketFans of VillanovaNoNo
Auto Racing201214%Redneck RacerOverallNoNo
Baseball20122 of 8PhiladelphiaLets Go Phillies!!!YesYes
Baseball20125 of 8The PhightinsTheHiddenElementNoYes
Baseball20122 of 6Chutleythe league of leaguesNoYes
Baseball20123 of 6Phightin PhilsPhillies FansNoYes
Baseball20124 of 6The PhightinsPhiladelphia PhightinsYesYes
Baseball20123 of 8ChutleySan Flukecisco 2010YesYes
Baseball20121 of 6Fightin PhilsBig Tits ( . )( . ) MLB 2012YesYes
Baseball20124 of 10Phladelphia PhilliesBuster Posey Is A HackYesYes
Tournament Pick'em20122 of 4Temple Of DoomPhilliesYesYes
Tournament Pick'em201249%Temple Of Doom IIOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201252%Temple Of DoomOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201253%The Fightin PhilliesDrew Brees - Dream BigNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201250%The Fightin PhilliesOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em20126 of 6Temple Of Doom II2012 NCAA TournamentNoYes
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