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  • Overall Performance:59% (67 eligible teams)
  • Player Since:2002
  • Teams Managed:68
  • Played Most:Auto Racing

Trophy Case

  • 2013 - Second PlaceAuto Racing

    chevycarsgood ol' mackers trackers
  • 2013 - Segment Winner - SpringAuto Racing

    chevycarsgood ol' mackers trackers
  • 2013 - Second PlaceBaseball

    Yahoo Public 29256MACKER WHACKERS
  • 2012 - ChampionAuto Racing

    TEAM CHEVYthe good ol' mackers trackers
  • 2012 - Segment Winner - SpringAuto Racing

    TEAM CHEVYthe good ol' mackers trackers
  • 2011 - Second PlaceBaseball

    Yahoo Public 81469MacKer WhacKers
  • 2010 - Segment Winner - SummerAuto Racing

    TALLADEGA NIGHTSMackers Trackers
  • 2009 - Second PlaceFootball

    Yahoo Public 1050469pigskinners
  • 2008 - Third PlaceAuto Racing

    88 & DONE WITHOUT THERESAMacker's Trackers
  • 2007 - Second PlaceAuto Racing

    8laps2gocrewMacker's Trackers
  • 2007 - Segment Winner - First HalfAuto Racing

    8laps2gocrewMacker's Trackers
  • 2006 - Second PlaceFootball

    Main Street MadnessTURF TURDS
  • 2005 - ChampionBaseball

    welcome to the big leaguesMacKer WhacKers
  • 2004 - ChampionFootball

    Throw It Deep!!!!!!!!!!GRIDIRON GRAMPS
  • 2002 - Third PlaceFootball

    HE COULD GO ALL THE WAYGridiron Gramps
15 Trophies

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GameYearRankTeamLeagueCommissionerPrivate League
Auto Racing20142 of 22 *good ol' mackers trackersDega FansNoYes
Auto Racing201497% *good ol' mackers trackersOverallNoNo
Baseball20145 of 12macKer whacKersYahoo Public 45882NoNo
Basketball2014N/A *Herk's HunksYahoo Public 90732NoNo
Football20146 of 10 *Gridron GrampsYahoo Public 78179NoNo
Auto Racing201399%good ol' mackers trackersOverallNoNo
Auto Racing20132 of 23good ol' mackers trackerschevycarsNoYes
Baseball20132 of 12MACKER WHACKERSYahoo Public 29256NoNo
Basketball20136 of 12Macker's SlackersYahoo Public 46367NoNo
Football20138 of 10Car Lane GransYahoo Public 32161NoNo
Tournament Pick'em2013349 of 500SURE WOULD LIKE ANOTHER BANNERCrean N CleanNoYes
Tournament Pick'em201322%SURE WOULD LIKE ANOTHER BANNEROverall LeadersNoNo
Auto Racing201298%the good ol' mackers trackersOverallNoNo
Auto Racing20121 of 21the good ol' mackers trackersTEAM CHEVYNoYes
Baseball20125 of 12MacKer WhacKersYahoo Public 25671NoNo
Basketball20125 of 12Punks and HoodsYahoo Public 23516NoNo
College Bowl Pick'em2012145 of 183IRISH FOREVER!Lets Go Bowling !!!NoYes
College Bowl Pick'em201221%IRISH FOREVER!Overall LeadersNoNo
College Football Pick'em201215%DUBBLERSOverallNoNo
Football20129 of 10gridiron grampsYahoo Public 62927NoNo
Football201210 of 10mullet headsYahoo Public 62926NoNo
Golf201255%macker hackersOverallNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201230%Tim's BracketOverall LeadersNoNo
Auto Racing201154%Mackers TrackersOverallNoNo
Auto Racing201111 of 17Mackers Trackersgatorswolves88NoYes
Baseball20112 of 12MacKer WhacKersYahoo Public 81469NoNo
Basketball20114 of 12hoosier hoopstersYahoo Public 20959NoNo
College Bowl Pick'em2011170 of 202Rudy and RockLets Go Bowling !!!NoYes
College Bowl Pick'em201119%Rudy and RockOverall LeadersNoNo
Football20117 of 10gridiron grampsYahoo Public 108690NoNo
Golf2011613 of 1216Macker HackersFans of Steve StrickerNoYes
Golf201165%Macker HackersOverallNoNo
Tournament Pick'em2011250 of 500freakin pickersBracket BustersNoYes
Tournament Pick'em201148%freakin pickersOverall LeadersNoNo
Auto Racing201085%Mackers TrackersOverallNoNo
Auto Racing20105 of 17Mackers TrackersTALLADEGA NIGHTSNoYes
Baseball20105 of 12MacKer WhacKersYahoo Public 177233NoNo
Basketball20106 of 12Punks and ThugsYahoo Public 33645NoNo
College Bowl Pick'em2010142 of 500IRISH AND PROUD OF ITNotre Dame = Bowl Bid!!!!NoYes
College Bowl Pick'em201079%IRISH AND PROUD OF ITOverall LeadersNoNo
College Football Pick'em201052%Good Football TeamOverallNoNo
Football20104 of 10gridiron grampsYahoo Public 144836NoNo
Golf20101148 of 3438Macker HackersFans of John DalyNoYes
Golf201066%Macker HackersOverallNoNo
Tournament Pick'em20108 of 500MC SLACKERSLETS GO IRISH!!NoYes
Tournament Pick'em201098%MC SLACKERSOverall LeadersNoNo
Auto Racing200975%Macker's TrackersOverallNoNo
Auto Racing20097 of 16Macker's TrackersTEAM ******AMP******NoYes
Basketball20095 of 12THUGS & HOODLUMSYahoo Public 198380NoNo
Football20092 of 10pigskinnersYahoo Public 1050469NoNo
Football20095 of 10Grid Iron GrampsYahoo Public 507886NoNo
Pro Football Pick'em20098%pinkiesOverallNoNo
Auto Racing20083 of 15Macker's Trackers88 & DONE WITHOUT THERESANoYes
Auto Racing200885%Macker's TrackersOverallNoNo
Auto Racing200796%Macker's TrackersOverallNoNo
Auto Racing20072 of 20Macker's Trackers8laps2gocrewNoYes
Baseball20078 of 8lil' whackersMuncie MayhemNoYes
Football20074 of 12SHORT TIMER'SBad Newz KennelzNoYes
Baseball20067 of 8MacKer WhacKersLumber YardNoYes
Football20062 of 8TURF TURDSMain Street MadnessNoYes
Baseball20051 of 6MacKer WhacKerswelcome to the big leaguesNoYes
Football20055 of 8GRIDIRON GRAMPSBattlegroundsNoYes
Baseball20048 of 8MacKer WhacKersBig Time BasballersNoYes
Football20041 of 6GRIDIRON GRAMPSThrow It Deep!!!!!!!!!!NoYes
Auto Racing200382%BIG GUY GRAMPSOverallNoNo
Baseball20037 of 10MacKer WhacKersPLAY BALL 2003NoYes
Football20023 of 10Gridiron GrampsHE COULD GO ALL THE WAYNoYes
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  • Commissioner
  • Private League
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