Fantasy Profile

John The Dog

  • Overall Performance:55% (219 eligible teams)
  • Player Since:2000
  • Teams Managed:224
  • Played Most:Basketball

Trophy Case

  • 2013 - Second PlaceBasketball

    Yahoo Public 126348John The Dog's Team
  • 2013 - Third PlaceFootball

    League HiddenTeam Hidden
  • 2012 - ChampionBasketball

    Yahoo Public 34218Knickerbockers
  • 2012 - ChampionBaseball

    League HiddenTeam Hidden
  • 2012 - Second PlaceBaseball

    Yahoo Public 97717WWE
  • 2011 - ChampionBasketball

    League HiddenTeam Hidden
  • 2011 - Second PlaceHockey

    Yahoo Public 38384Blueshirt's
  • 2011 - ChampionFootball

    League HiddenTeam Hidden
  • 2011 - Third PlaceFootball

    League HiddenTeam Hidden
  • 2011 - Third PlaceBaseball

    Yahoo Public 20243NJ Yanks
  • 2010 - ChampionBasketball

    League HiddenTeam Hidden
  • 2010 - Second PlacePro Football Pick'em

    League HiddenTeam Hidden
  • 2010 - Third PlaceFootball

    League HiddenTeam Hidden
  • 2010 - Second PlaceBaseball

    Yahoo Public 387481NJ. Yanks
  • 2010 - Second PlaceBaseball

    Yahoo Public 547593San Diego Padres
  • 2009 - Second PlaceBasketball

    League HiddenTeam Hidden
  • 2009 - Second PlaceBaseball

    League HiddenTeam Hidden
  • 2008 - Second PlaceHockey

    Yahoo Public 15189Wolverines
  • 2008 - ChampionBaseball

    Yahoo Public 93742Pine Barons Devil
  • 2008 - Third PlaceBaseball

    Yahoo Public 89008Jersey Yanks
  • 2008 - Third PlaceBaseball

    Yahoo Public 85094S.D. Padres
  • 2007 - Second PlaceBasketball

    Yahoo Public 34715Dallas Mavericks
  • 2007 - Second PlaceFootball

    Yahoo Public 98409Green Machine
  • 2007 - Second PlaceBaseball

    Yahoo Public 157394YANKEES
  • 2006 - Second PlaceBasketball

    Yahoo Public 5403Shore Mavericks
  • 2006 - Second PlaceBasketball

    Yahoo Public 69506Jersey Shore
  • 2006 - Third PlaceBasketball

    Yahoo Public 2911Crystal
  • 2006 - ChampionFootball

    Yahoo Public 172033Jersey Shore
  • 2006 - Second PlaceFootball

    Yahoo Public 254180JERSEY TEAM
  • 2006 - ChampionBaseball

    Yahoo Public 211057M & M
  • 2006 - Second PlaceBaseball

    Yahoo Public 178126AMERICAN LEAGUE
  • 2005 - Third PlaceBasketball

    Yahoo Public 3283KnIcKeRbOcKeRs
  • 2005 - ChampionHockey

    Yahoo Public 64644JpM
  • 2005 - ChampionFootball

    Yahoo Public 158720Backache's
  • 2005 - ChampionFootball

    Yahoo Public 132973JerseyPineBarons
  • 2005 - Second PlaceFootball

    Yahoo Public 297853TheJerseyDevil
  • 2005 - ChampionBaseball

    Yahoo Public 49217#7 The Best
  • 2005 - Second PlaceBaseball

    Yahoo Public 45547BronxBombers
  • 2004 - ChampionFootball

    Yahoo Public 354255Bald Eagle
  • 2003 - ChampionBasketball

    Yahoo Public 769JaCqUeLyNs
  • 2003 - Third PlaceBasketball

    Yahoo Public 3023Nets
  • 2003 - ChampionHockey

    Yahoo Public 40472Bassett-Hounds
  • 2002 - Third PlaceFootball

    Yahoo Public 350335New Jersey Hawks
  • 2001 - ChampionHockey

    Yahoo Public 22510bergen devils
  • 2001 - Third PlaceHockey

    Yahoo Public 18100nj. rangers
  • 2001 - ChampionFootball

    Yahoo Public 130430Jersey Jint's
  • 2000 - Second PlaceBasketball

    Yahoo Public 88654Northbergen
47 Trophies

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GameYearRankTeamLeagueCommissionerPrivate League
Baseball201410 of 10HiddenHiddenNoYes
Baseball20146 of 12John The Dog's TeamYahoo Public 43049NoNo
Basketball2014N/A *John The Dog's TeamYahoo Public 56151NoNo
Football20141 of 10 *HiddenHiddenNoYes
Hockey20141 of 4 *HiddenHiddenNoYes
Survival Football2014dead *HiddenHiddenNoYes
Baseball20136 of 10HiddenHiddenNoYes
Baseball20136 of 12Road DogsYahoo Public 130017NoNo
Basketball20139 of 12Dog's TeamYahoo Public 51472NoNo
Basketball20132 of 12John The Dog's TeamYahoo Public 126348NoNo
College Bowl Pick'em201399 of 192HiddenHiddenNoYes
College Bowl Pick'em201373%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Football20137 of 10John The DogYahoo Public 646731NoNo
Football20133 of 10HiddenHiddenNoYes
Hockey20135 of 12Hockey TimeYahoo Public 24753NoNo
Hockey20135 of 8HiddenHiddenNoYes
Tournament Pick'em201316%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201324%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Baseball20122 of 12WWEYahoo Public 97717NoNo
Baseball20121 of 10HiddenHiddenNoYes
Basketball20121 of 12KnickerbockersYahoo Public 34218NoNo
Basketball20124 of 12MavericksYahoo Public 56141NoNo
College Bowl Pick'em201259 of 500HiddenHiddenNoYes
College Bowl Pick'em201283%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Football20128 of 10BackupYahoo Public 741782NoNo
Football20126 of 10HiddenHiddenNoYes
Hockey20124 of 8HiddenHiddenNoYes
Hockey20124 of 12Rangers ReadyYahoo Public 68324NoNo
Pro Football Pick'em20124 of 10HiddenHiddenNoYes
Tournament Pick'em201219%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Baseball20113 of 12NJ YanksYahoo Public 20243NoNo
Baseball20116 of 10HiddenHiddenNoYes
Basketball20111 of 8HiddenHiddenNoYes
Basketball20119 of 12DumontYahoo Public 64878NoNo
College Bowl Pick'em2011104 of 500HiddenHiddenNoYes
College Bowl Pick'em201174%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Football20111 of 10HiddenHiddenNoYes
Football20114 of 10Who Care'sYahoo Public 494384NoNo
Football20113 of 8HiddenHiddenNoYes
Hockey20118 of 10HiddenHiddenNoYes
Hockey20112 of 12Blueshirt'sYahoo Public 38384NoNo
Hockey201110 of 10HiddenHiddenNoYes
Pro Football Pick'em201125 of 33HiddenHiddenNoYes
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em2011273 of 319HiddenHiddenNoYes
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em201114%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201181%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Baseball20104 of 12My HomeYahoo Public 500354NoNo
Baseball20102 of 12San Diego PadresYahoo Public 547593NoNo
Baseball20102 of 12NJ. YanksYahoo Public 387481NoNo
Baseball201011 of 11HiddenHiddenNoYes
Basketball20104 of 12TrailblazersYahoo Public 82181NoNo
Basketball20101 of 8HiddenHiddenNoYes
Football201010 of 10Big BlueYahoo Public 280552NoNo
Football20103 of 8HiddenHiddenNoYes
Hockey20108 of 10HiddenHiddenNoYes
Hockey20106 of 10HiddenHiddenNoYes
Hockey20106 of 12HiddenHiddenNoYes
Pro Football Pick'em201026 of 49HiddenHiddenNoYes
Pro Football Pick'em20102 of 15HiddenHiddenNoYes
Tournament Pick'em2010156 of 500HiddenHiddenNoYes
Tournament Pick'em201063%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201058%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Tournament Pick'em2010281 of 500HiddenHiddenNoYes
Baseball200910 of 10HiddenHiddenNoYes
Baseball20098 of 12HiddenHiddenNoYes
Baseball200910 of 16HiddenHiddenNoYes
Baseball20092 of 6HiddenHiddenNoYes
Baseball20094 of 8HiddenHiddenNoYes
Basketball20092 of 10HiddenHiddenNoYes
Basketball200910 of 10HiddenHiddenNoYes
Basketball20094 of 10HiddenHiddenNoYes
Basketball20096 of 8HiddenHiddenNoYes
College Bowl Pick'em200927%HiddenHiddenNoNo
College Bowl Pick'em200954 of 65HiddenHiddenNoYes
College Bowl Pick'em200912 of 17HiddenHiddenNoYes
College Bowl Pick'em200933%HiddenHiddenNoNo
College Football Pick'em20098 of 16HiddenHiddenNoYes
Football20096 of 8HiddenHiddenNoYes
Football20095 of 8HiddenHiddenNoYes
Football20095 of 8HiddenHiddenNoYes
Football20098 of 8HiddenHiddenNoYes
Hockey20096 of 10HiddenHiddenNoYes
Hockey20098 of 10HiddenHiddenNoYes
Hockey200910 of 12HiddenHiddenNoYes
Hockey20095 of 10HiddenHiddenNoYes
Pro Football Pick'em200912 of 23HiddenHiddenNoYes
Pro Football Pick'em200926 of 36HiddenHiddenNoYes
Salary Cap Football200989%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Survival Football2009deadHiddenHiddenNoYes
Survival Football2009deadHiddenHiddenNoYes
Tournament Pick'em200912%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Tournament Pick'em200912%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Tournament Pick'em200912 of 12HiddenHiddenNoYes
Tournament Pick'em2009393 of 500HiddenHiddenNoYes
Baseball20083 of 12S.D. PadresYahoo Public 85094NoNo
Baseball20086 of 12Trader JohnYahoo Public 149194NoNo
Baseball20083 of 12Jersey YanksYahoo Public 89008NoNo
Baseball20081 of 12Pine Barons DevilYahoo Public 93742NoNo
Basketball20086 of 10HiddenHiddenNoYes
Basketball20085 of 12New JerseyYahoo Public 42653NoNo
Basketball20084 of 12BROADWAYYahoo Public 19300NoNo
Basketball20084 of 10HiddenHiddenNoYes
College Bowl Pick'em200811 of 14HiddenHiddenNoYes
College Bowl Pick'em200847%HiddenHiddenNoNo
College Football Pick'em200874%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Football20088 of 10GIANTSYahoo Winner 127282NoNo
Football20089 of 10The UncolaYahoo Public 163379NoNo
Football20087 of 10Black MambaYahoo Public 174324NoNo
Hockey20082 of 12WolverinesYahoo Public 15189NoNo
Hockey20086 of 12S.J. SharksYahoo Public 15120NoNo
Hockey20084 of 10HiddenHiddenNoYes
Salary Cap Football200853%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Tournament Pick'em200869%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Tournament Pick'em2008143 of 500HiddenHiddenNoYes
Baseball20077 of 12Mad HatterYahoo Public 138019NoNo
Baseball20072 of 12YANKEESYahoo Public 157394NoNo
Baseball200710 of 12JERSEYYahoo Public 88610NoNo
Baseball200710 of 12J's YankeesYahoo Public 167491NoNo
Basketball200710 of 12NEW JERSEYYahoo Public 86523NoNo
Basketball200710 of 12N.J. WarriorsYahoo Public 79307NoNo
Basketball200712 of 12KNICKBOCKERSYahoo Public 34714NoNo
Basketball20072 of 12Dallas MavericksYahoo Public 34715NoNo
College Bowl Pick'em200733%HiddenHiddenNoNo
College Bowl Pick'em2007342 of 500HiddenHiddenNoYes
Football20074 of 10Blue LineYahoo Public 164995NoNo
Football20072 of 10Green MachineYahoo Public 98409NoNo
Football20074 of 10Big BlueYahoo Public 14510NoNo
Football20074 of 10JINTSYahoo Public 88432NoNo
Hockey20078 of 12Rangers 07Yahoo Public 5239NoNo
Hockey20078 of 12N.J. DEVILSYahoo Public 42493NoNo
Hockey20074 of 12Broadway BlueshirtsYahoo Public 42245NoNo
Hockey200715 of 20HiddenHiddenNoYes
Salary Cap Football200787%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Tournament Pick'em200749%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Tournament Pick'em200753%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Baseball20061 of 12M & MYahoo Public 211057NoNo
Baseball20062 of 12AMERICAN LEAGUEYahoo Public 178126NoNo
Baseball20069 of 12MICKEY WAS THE BESTYahoo Public 174068NoNo
Baseball20064 of 12NEW JERSEY YANKEESYahoo Public 4112NoNo
Basketball20066 of 12Oh BoyYahoo Public 88492NoNo
Basketball20062 of 12Shore MavericksYahoo Public 5403NoNo
Basketball20062 of 12Jersey ShoreYahoo Public 69506NoNo
Basketball20063 of 12CrystalYahoo Public 2911NoNo
Football20062 of 10JERSEY TEAMYahoo Public 254180NoNo
Football20061 of 10Jersey ShoreYahoo Public 172033NoNo
Football20064 of 10My Jersey GiantsYahoo Public 283991NoNo
Football20067 of 10Jersey JetsYahoo Public 285163NoNo
Hockey200611 of 12Jersey DevilsYahoo Public 55400NoNo
Hockey200611 of 12RangersYahoo Public 11125NoNo
Hockey20068 of 12IslandersYahoo Public 61591NoNo
Hockey20066 of 12Johns BunchYahoo Public 70775NoNo
Tournament Pick'em200613%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Baseball20056 of 12Yankees are the BestYahoo Public 30232NoNo
Baseball20052 of 12BronxBombersYahoo Public 45547NoNo
Baseball20051 of 12#7 The BestYahoo Public 49217NoNo
Baseball20056 of 12Wrestlemania 21Yahoo Public 44863NoNo
Basketball20053 of 12KnIcKeRbOcKeRsYahoo Public 3283NoNo
Basketball20058 of 12KnicksKnicksKnicksYahoo Public 41391NoNo
Basketball20056 of 12JonMatYahoo Public 24869NoNo
Basketball20059 of 12ShillingWayYahoo Public 62612NoNo
Football20051 of 10JerseyPineBaronsYahoo Public 132973NoNo
Football20052 of 10TheJerseyDevilYahoo Public 297853NoNo
Football20054 of 10ColumbiaYahoo Public 277210NoNo
Football20051 of 10Backache'sYahoo Public 158720NoNo
Hockey20054 of 12Devils in 2005' ??Yahoo Public 13402NoNo
Hockey20055 of 12The RANGERSYahoo Public 3266NoNo
Hockey20054 of 12NewJerseyRangersYahoo Public 1142NoNo
Hockey20051 of 12JpMYahoo Public 64644NoNo
Tournament Pick'em200517%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Baseball20045 of 12RED SOX'S S_ _KYahoo Public 178695NoNo
Baseball20045 of 12I HATE THE RED SOXYahoo Public 18006NoNo
Baseball20046 of 12THE EVIL EMPIREYahoo Public 179330NoNo
Baseball20044 of 12MY YANKEESYahoo Public 46481NoNo
Basketball200412 of 12NoZiReVYahoo Winner 6769NoNo
Basketball20044 of 12NJ.KNICKSNETSYahoo Public 145132NoNo
Basketball20048 of 12JACKSWESTERNG'SYahoo Public 125844NoNo
Basketball200410 of 12MetropolitiansYahoo Public 59928NoNo
Football20048 of 10JeRsEy JiNtSYahoo Public 209852NoNo
Football200410 of 10Golden EaglesYahoo Public 351174NoNo
Football20044 of 10Jacquelyn's TeamYahoo Public 350056NoNo
Football20041 of 10Bald EagleYahoo Public 354255NoNo
Tournament Pick'em200465%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Baseball20037 of 12White SoxYahoo Public 11075NoNo
Baseball20036 of 12CardsYahoo Public 32904NoNo
Baseball20038 of 12YanksYahoo Public 9197NoNo
Baseball200312 of 12BravesYahoo Public 38759NoNo
Basketball20033 of 12NetsYahoo Public 3023NoNo
Basketball200310 of 12MyLiLBaByYahoo Public 2951NoNo
Basketball20034 of 12KnicksYahoo Public 2743NoNo
Basketball20031 of 12JaCqUeLyNsYahoo Public 769NoNo
Football20037 of 10NylkcajYahoo Public 3910NoNo
Football20034 of 10Jersey JintsYahoo Public 8935NoNo
Football20035 of 10Jackies TeamYahoo Public 9388NoNo
Football20039 of 10Jersey Shore RatsYahoo Public 9345NoNo
Hockey20035 of 12StrangersYahoo Public 21043NoNo
Hockey20036 of 12New Jersey DevilsYahoo Public 18859NoNo
Hockey20035 of 12Jacklyns TeamYahoo Public 39990NoNo
Hockey20031 of 12Bassett-HoundsYahoo Public 40472NoNo
Basketball20027 of 12South Jersey ShoreYahoo Public 2330NoNo
Basketball20026 of 12Jersey's TeamYahoo Public 2319NoNo
Basketball20024 of 12Yesrej ErohsYahoo Public 71118NoNo
Basketball20026 of 12New Jersey BestestYahoo Public 1211NoNo
College Football Pick'em200294%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Football20026 of 10N.J.SteelersYahoo Public 1509NoNo
Football20023 of 10New Jersey HawksYahoo Public 350335NoNo
Football200210 of 10N.J.DolphinsYahoo Public 847NoNo
Football20029 of 10N.J. VikingsYahoo Public 1386NoNo
Hockey20026 of 12JERSEYITESYahoo Winners 7456NoNo
Hockey20025 of 12New Jersey RangersYahoo Public 8503NoNo
Hockey20025 of 12New Jersey IslandersYahoo Public 8506NoNo
Hockey20024 of 12New Jersey DevilsYahoo Public 8504NoNo
Pro Football Pick'em200297%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Tournament Pick'em200231%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Baseball20014 of 12# 7's Yankee'sYahoo Public 188503NoNo
Baseball20014 of 12yankeesYahoo Public 31418NoNo
Basketball20014 of 12NJ*KnicksYahoo Public 1290NoNo
Basketball20015 of 12Nets #*#Yahoo Public 1072NoNo
College Football Pick'em200183%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Football20011 of 10Jersey Jint'sYahoo Public 130430NoNo
Football20017 of 10Metro'sYahoo Public 405NoNo
Hockey20013 of 12nj. rangersYahoo Public 18100NoNo
Hockey20011 of 12bergen devilsYahoo Public 22510NoNo
Tournament Pick'em200176%HiddenHiddenNoNo
Basketball20002 of 12NorthbergenYahoo Public 88654NoNo
  • * In Progress
  • Commissioner
  • Private League
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