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  • Overall Performance:49% (47 eligible teams)
  • Player Since:2011
  • Teams Managed:49
  • League Commish:29% (14 of 49 leagues)
  • Played Most:Tournament Pick'em

Trophy Case

  • 2014 - ChampionBaseball

    Baseball 101Bullpen Brewing Co.
  • 2014 - Second PlaceBaseball

    Yahoo Public 186113Bullpen Brewing Co.
  • 2013 - ChampionTournament Pick'em

    Bob's GroupRizo
  • 2012 - ChampionFootball

    Football 101Seatown Funk
  • 2012 - Third PlaceBaseball

    Homerun MadnessGrand Salami Time
5 Trophies

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Overall Performance: Help
GameYearRankTeamLeagueCommissionerPrivate League
Baseball20141 of 8Bullpen Brewing Co.Baseball 101YesYes
Baseball20142 of 12Bullpen Brewing Co.Yahoo Public 186113NoNo
College Football Pick'em201433% *BULLDOGS REBUILDING YEAROverallNoNo
Football20141 of 10 *Seatown FunkYahoo Public 1287520NoNo
Football20142 of 10 *Seatown FunkFootball 101YesYes
Pro Football Pick'em20145 of 6 *Donkey DickPick 6YesYes
Pro Football Pick'em201417 of 17 *IPAPour It UpNoYes
Survival Football2014dead *MAKE NOISE!!!Yahoo Public 23377NoYes
Tourney Pick'em201491%Whackin' it BracketOverall LeadersNoNo
Tourney Pick'em201424 of 359Whackin' it BracketODP's March Madness IIINoYes
Tourney Pick'em201452%Bob's Bold BracketOverall LeadersNoNo
Tourney Pick'em201445%Tucson Two StepOverall LeadersNoNo
Tourney Pick'em201453%Bob's Bold BracketQuicken Loans Billion Dollar Bracket Challenge PoolNoNo
Tourney Pick'em201499%Tucson Two StepFans of ArizonaNoNo
Baseball20139 of 11La VerdaderaBaseball 101YesYes
Baseball20137 of 11Panty DroppersBaseball 101YesYes
Baseball20138 of 12Bullpen Brewing Co.Yahoo Public 13611NoNo
Baseball201311 of 11Bell PeppersBaseball 101YesYes
College Bowl Pick'em201370%Pick 6Overall LeadersNoNo
College Bowl Pick'em201341%Pick 6Fans of Fresno StateNoNo
College Football Pick'em201360%Bulldogs...2013 MWC ChampsOverallNoNo
Football20136 of 8Seatown FunkFootball 101YesYes
Pro Football Pick'em201316%¼ £ersOverallNoNo
Pro Football Pick'em201312 of 18Richard ShermanatorPick 6YesYes
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em2013246 of 292Shazam!Team StuartNoYes
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em201378%BobOverall LeadersNoNo
Second Chance Tournament Pick'em201320%Shazam!Overall LeadersNoNo
Survival Football20131 of 1PITT SUCKSPick 6YesYes
Tournament Pick'em201318%Zona Quit Rushing The Trey!!!Fans of ArizonaNoNo
Tournament Pick'em20136 of 8Here Kitty KittyBob's GroupYesYes
Tournament Pick'em20138%Pac AttackOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em20137 of 8Pac AttackBob's GroupYesYes
Tournament Pick'em201318%Zona Quit Rushing The Trey!!!Overall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201311%Here Kitty KittyOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em20131 of 8RizoBob's GroupYesYes
Tournament Pick'em201397%RizoOverall LeadersNoNo
Baseball20129 of 12Seatown FunkGlory Days Baseball LeagueNoYes
Baseball20128 of 10Bullpen Brewing Co.2012 Twins TerritoryNoYes
Baseball20123 of 10Grand Salami TimeHomerun MadnessNoYes
Basketball201211 of 12Sactown SonicsYahoo Public 114933NoNo
College Bowl Pick'em201253%Mighty MouseOverall LeadersNoNo
College Bowl Pick'em201245%Mighty MouseFans of Fresno StateNoNo
College Football Pick'em201263%RED WAVEOverallNoNo
Football20126 of 10Seatown FunkYahoo Public 740270NoNo
Football20121 of 8Seatown FunkFootball 101YesYes
Pro Football Pick'em20127 of 12TD's N BeerOne Dollar PBRYesYes
Tournament Pick'em201267%RizoOverall LeadersNoNo
Tournament Pick'em201281 of 267RizoArizona WildcatsNoYes
Basketball20116 of 12Seatown FunkYahoo Public 158079NoNo
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  • Commissioner
  • Private League
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