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The biography section at the top of a manager's Fantasy Sports Profile is compiled from two basic sources of information: the manager's fantasy sports games history on Yahoo! Sports, and data imported from the manager's Yahoo! profile.

Details for the information compiled from the manager's Yahoo! Sports games history include:

  • Overall Performance: a percentile that represents a manager's success at winning their league
  • Player Since: represents the year in which the manager first registered for a fantasy sports game on Yahoo! Sports
  • Teams Managed: total number of teams entered into fantasy leagues since first registering on Yahoo!
  • League Commish: the percentage of total leagues played in by the manager that were created by that manager
  • Played Most: the fantasy sports game played most often in the manager's fantasy sports career at Yahoo! Sports

Other Questions?

How is the Overall Performance figure calculated?
In simple terms, the Overall Performance represents the sum of all teams a given manager has outperformed (based on final standings), divided by the sum of all teams that manager has played against, multiplied by the number of total eligible leagues a manager has played in.
Results excluded from this calculation include those from the Survival Football game, and any league from all other games that contained less than six total teams. For example, the ranks of a private group of four teams in the Fantasy Auto Racing game would not be reflected in this calculation.
Can I transfer the Fantasy Sports Profile information from one Yahoo! ID to another?
No. Your Yahoo! ID and the events associated with that ID are not transferable to a new Yahoo! ID.

Trophy Case

A manager will have a trophy in their trophy case if they finish in first, second or third place in a league AND those leagues have six or more players. The reason for this restriction is to encourage users to play a legitimate level of opponents per gaming experience. And naturally, the better a manager does in each game they play, the more trophies they have a chance to accumulate.

In addition to group winner trophies, the Survival Football game awards a special trophy for "Perfect Survivors" that last the entire season without missing a single pick.

Also, please note that at this time the Overall groups for all Pick'em and Salary Cap games will not receive fantasy trophies.

Compare Profiles

You can compare the profiles of any two Fantasy Sports managers, side-by-side. Enter the Yahoo! ID's of two managers — yourself, your friends or rivals — into the Compare Profiles text fields, then click "Compare". If you can't remember the ID of one of your friends, use the "Lookup Friends" feature to find managers from your current and former leagues. The comparison results page will show both managers' Profile information, including player card, performance charts, and summaries, for the game styles both managers have played.

Fantasy Games Archive

The games archive represents all games that a manager has played on Yahoo! Sports. In some limited cases, a manager's ranking information for a given league is not shown. In these cases, for some of our older games, this data is simply unavailable. Results from these leagues have not been factored into the manager's Overall Performance rating.

Other questions?

What are the Privacy Settings for?
The Privacy Settings link allows managers to choose whether or not to display Private league information to other people. This function hides the specific Team and League name information from other users while still representing Rank info for that league.
What does the "Group by Game Style" mean?
Over the years Yahoo! Sports has developed many different types of fantasy sports games across a wide range of sports. This feature helps a manager group games of a similar style (Full Fantasy, Pick'em or Salary Cap) together within a single view. For example, with the function switched 'On', all the Pick'em games would be listed together instead of mixed together with the Full Fantasy and Salary Cap games.
How is the Overall Performance figure and graph icon calculated?
In simple terms, the Overall Performance represents the sum of all teams a given manager has outperformed (based on final standings) divided by the sum of all teams that the manager has played against multiplied by the number of eligible leagues the manager played in. In the case of the graph icon, the illustration is specific to the view selected. That is, if the manager has selected the "All Sports" tab, the Overall Performance graph will incorporate all eligible games in that view. Likewise, if the "Football" tab is selected, the graph will represent only the eligible football games played.
What is an 'eligible' league, as it relates to Overall Performance?
A league is deemed 'eligible' to be included in the Overall Performance calculation if it had six or more participants playing in it. Leagues with less than six participants will not be included in the calculation.
What games contribute to my Overall Performance?
All games produced by Yahoo! Sports with the exception of Survival Football are used to calculate a manager's Overall Performance. Within each eligible game, a user must have a minimum league size of six users--leagues with less than that amount will not be factored into the Overall Performance rating, nor be eligible to display a trophy.
Can I access the individual leagues and teams displayed in the archive?
Yes, Yahoo! Sports provides Fantasy Archive links for most former leagues, although data for some of our older games is simply unavailable. The Archive allows you to view your team, league standings, playoffs, schedule, settings and other information.


The Performance tab displays key information for all game types played. The Games Played chart shows the percentage of all teams managed for each game played. The games you've played most often are represented by the largest "slices" of the chart. The Game Performance chart displays bars for each game played which represent how well your teams did in each eligible league you entered. It is calculated exactly the same as the Overall Performance figure. The game summaries display data for each game in which you've managed at least one team. Data includes Game Performance figure, Best and Worst Finish, total number of trophies, first year played, total number of teams managed, and percent of leagues entered in which you were the commissioner.

Customize Card

You can give your player card a number of different looks by clicking the "Customize Card" link at the bottom of the card border. On the "back" of your card, you'll be able to select a new design as well as link to your Customize Avatar page. Your player card will be seen by other managers visiting your Profile.

Other Questions?

Why can't I select some card designs?
Certain card designs may appear "grayed-out" and cannot be selected. This is because they are sport-specific and can only be chosen if you have played a Yahoo! Sports fantasy game related to that sport. So, for instance, if you have never played Fantasy Golf, you will not be able to select the golf design. If you have played any one of our football games (full Fantasy Football, Pro or College Football Pick'em, Salary Cap or Survival), you will gain access to the football design. Once a design becomes available, you will always be able to select it; access never goes away. Some designs are available to all users and more designs may be added in the future.
What is a Yahoo! Avatar?
A Yahoo! Avatars is a character that you can personalize and use when interacting with friends online. By changing hairstyles, clothes, accessories, and backgrounds, you can create your own unique persona.
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